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June 6, 2006: Top Posts

  1. The Meaning of “Ubuntu” – Explained by Nelson Mandela

    I have often wondered what the best way to explain the meaning, or the feeling sought to be conveyed by the word […]

    Ubuntu Blog

  2. Nicky Hilton drunk at a party.

    Nosy Snoop

  3. I wish people who say that people over 30 should be dead would die

    Every now and then the same old chestnut gets circulated via email, on a web site or a blog. Normally I ignore them but […]

    Angry 365 Days a Year

  4. Mock Draft v7.0

    All of the rumors have Seattle taking, in this order, Miller, Lincoln, Hochevar, Morrow and Lincecum, than […]

    Prospect Insider

  5. Guillemots – Never Went To Church (The Streets cover)

    I watched Top Of The Pops last night and was dissapointed at The Streets' underwhelming performance of new single […]

    Binky The Doormat

  6. Oklahoma premiere of “Cars”

    I attended the Oklahoma premiere of “Cars” on Saturday in Oklahoma City. It was a fundraiser for the Oklahoma Library […]

    Route 66 News

  7. Who plants the seed of responsibility?

    My telecom problems at the house remain unresolved – Verizon is saying they can’t even put a repairman on the line […]


  8. Steve Gillmor, you’re invited

    I heard yesterday that Steve Gillmor isn't coming to Gnomedex. I know he always gives me crap for not inviting him […]

    Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger

  9. NBA Comix: Mark Cuban has a Shiny Ball Too!

    Look, it's just like Dewayne Wade's! Mark Cuban has an in your face taunt on Blog Maverick that also […]

  10. SUSE 10.1 and RT2500 Wi-Fi

    I installed SUSE Linux 10.1 just to realize that my wireless card, which is Asus WL-130g PCI, supporting 802.11b/g, is […]

    Linux and Open Source Blog

  11. Angelina Jolie Buys Daughter A Web Address

    Angelina Jolie has snapped up a website for her new daughter, Shiloh Nouvel.


    All Angelina Jolie

  12. The Hindu responds to Churumuri. We do too.

    The readers' editor of The Hindu, K. Narayanan, has responded to the Churumuri piece Under N. Ram, the Hindu […]


  13. Capricciosa

    Han ser ut som om han kommer att ramla ihop av alkoholfrgiftning vilken sekund som helst, helt kldd i denim svajar han […]


  14. Ergo Proxy – 13


  15. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: BEST END, BAD END

    lolikitsune's comments on Episode 8(I think) of Full Yuri Panic (Strawberry Panic) a few days ago got me thinking […]

    Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito

  16. Voxtrot and some willy nelly

    Shiny days with dust in the air call for Voxtrot. I forgot they existed for a while but I'll always come back to […]

    Eardrums shall fail

  17. Google Heads

    [Via Dave Winer Blog]

    Mac Blog

  18. Are Designers Clued In?

    Ever since Scoble posted this post a debate has been raging about anti marketing design. It looks like the debate can […]

    The Paradigm Shift

  19. Los chupamedias de siempre

    Si hay algo ke me cae mal es que sierta gente te trate kmo si fuera amigo tuyo y no tendria k figura en la foto ni a […]

    Solo yo

  20. WordPress Upgrade Bug: Are You Sure?

    Okay, as soon as I stop laughing, I’ll take this one seriously. Whether I’m laughing or not, you better take this one […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  21. Wrong Target Mr. Mehta

    I don't wish to be the resident Middle Class defender on the blogsphere but increasingly I seem to be assuming […]

    Life is a street car named Desire

  22. I Broke My Promise….to Al Gore.

    A few days ago I signed up here and promised to see Al Gore's new film(Yes, you heard me right) An Inconvenient […]

    Tv Dork


    The Nokia 6600 phone is the lowest priced symbian operating system phone available in the market.It comes with […]


  24. World Cup Songs 2006 (A Rant)

    In a previous post I described how people had found my Music Man blog when searching for information about World […]

    Music Man

  25. An Easier Affair – Lyrics

    My first-pass attempt at the lyrics from George Michael's new single – An Easier Affair below (may not be 100% […]

    Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog

  26. What Cheesecake is all about…

    This is copy&paste from the project comments page that summarize my view on Cheesecake.

    What do you mean there […]



    [Nothing new here, no sir! Only a comparison of old stuff. I'm still trying to refrain from further posted opinions […]

    anthills–ECUSAnts on the Windsor Report decision

  28. Maddox’s First Spelling Error… EVER!?

    I went to Maddox's Site to see if there was an update on his book which is coming out tommorow, on the homepage, […]

    Twisted Views

  29. World’s Smallest Visa Card

    A Singapoure Bank (United Overseas Bank) offer their customers world’s smallest Visa card. The UOB Visa Mini is […]


  30. 나도 PDF의 자유로운 사용이 가능한줄로만 알았다.

    Microsoft to Adobe: Let's Make a Deal

    그런데, 어도비에서 오피스에 Save As PDF 기능이 독점의 […]

    철수네 소프트웨어 세상 3

  31. سوء استفاده از کاریکاتور ایران به نفع پان ترکها

    عرض کرده بودم که در چند هفته گذشته از هیچ چیز خبر نداشتم! حتی از […]


  32. Jasså, är han författare?

    Jag har uppdaterat min lslista infr sommaren med Jared Diamonds “Undergng” och “Nr mnniskan skapade vrlden” av Joh […]

    Daniel Hedblom

  33. Akismet, a blog and the API key

    Unless you have registered at you will not and cannot have an API key. You must register to get one. […]

    Frequently Asked Questions

  34. And I didn’t even get to say good bye =(

    After filling out my brief exit survey form, along with a short note describing my “other” reason for leaving (“Party […]

    kfsone’s pittance

  35. Facing Fear

    Elena spent a lot of last summer afraid that she was going to have an accident. I don't mean an accident where […]

    Dear Elena

  36. WordPress 2.0.3 Upgrade: changed files ZIP, changes diff, changed files list

    WordPress 2.0.3 has been released, incorporating security fixes, small performance enhancements, a Movable Type and […]

    Mark on WordPress

  37. The Aftershock (Part 1)

    Before I begin, let me forewarn you all that if this post seems like an unorganized, long-winded tangent, my […]

    The Asia Pages

  38. Salute to Israel Parade 2006

    The Salute To Israel Parade, the single largest gathering in the world in support of Israel, will celebrate the 58th […]


  39. Where have all the (good) writers gone ?

    (With apologies to Pete Seeger. )
    ….they are all blogging. Leaving us with species such as Sheela Bhatt who come up […]

    Recurring Decimals…..

  40. a handful of passengers in a great drifting ship

    Ο Ντίνος είναι εννέα […]


  41. Meeting Report: June 4th

    Best meeting ever. We had a great crowd of both new and regular meeting attendees. It was a lot of fun.

    Boston Media Makers

  42. Modern Talking


    Música de los 80 y los 90

  43. A Cool Little Use for an UMPC

    Today as I was coming into work, I found myself using the UMPC in a really cool way. I love hearing about how people […]

    Lucky Thoughts Origami Blog

  44. the monday morning remix 6/5/6

    Nothing happens in a vacuum.

    Henry Ford gave us the motel industry and smog.


    chartreuse (BETA)

  45. Corina Bakery

    I did a road trip this morining to Tacoma to check out the Corina Bakery.

    As always Batman was riding […]

    Dawg Blog

  46. nie łatwo być Bogiem…

    doskonały teledysk…

    a może raczej film…?

    to by też tr […]

    kreacji korelacje

  47. Showdown at Google Gulch

    Let's do some browsing around the city of Baghdad, on Google Maps: […]

    Shii’s Rocky Middle Path

  48. Callboy Torsten: Neue Werbeanzeige


    Ich vermisse die Angaben bzgl. Analverkehr (nicht da es mich interessieren wrde).

    >>Mehr ber den Callboy […]

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

  49. Ja mitu tüügast on teie riista sõlmes?

    Ei ei, ma ei ksinud midagi nilbet. Sellise ksimuse saab, kui panna stu ksimus “And how many stubs do you have in yo […]


  50. Wonder Woman #06

    Wonder Woman #200
    De Greg Rucka, Drew Johnson, Robert Rodi, Rick Burchett, Nuncio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, Ty Temple […]


  51. Bangkok family get-together

    A couple of pictures from the family get-together held in Bangkok recently. Thanks to BD Ravikumar for the pictures. […]


  52. Brian Pigeon The Movie – At Last – Ye Ha

    Jesus. What a weekend of it. Boiling hot sun – normally a good thing – not when you got to keep winging it to Slough […]

    Pigeon Blog

  53. .Mac Service Interuptions

    A while back I made the decision to make a move from free email services to a paid one, one that I would forward […]

    Showngo’s Technology Review

  54. How Much Does you blog worth?

    I’ve done this and got this result above for my Blog…
    i secretly tried some other blogs, ones you all know […]


  55. Tack så jävla mycket, hackers!

    Man fr vl utbrista i ett “tack s jvla mycket!” till alla hackers som springer omkring och leker och slcker statliga […]

    Bloggen Bent

  56. Haruhi vs Bell vs Wallachia vs Yurie 4-WAY CAGE MATCH OMG

    This post is dedicated to Jason Miao, who is currently blogging Ah! My Goddess Season 2, The Melancholy of Suzumiya […]

    orz – Currently in emomode.

  57. Why there are so many crypto-cons in the Bay Area

    Read this Michelle Malkin post and you'll get why I, and so many others in the Bay Area, are crypto-cons. It's […]

    Bookworm Room

  58. Prayer Service

    Yesterday there was a prayer service for Doug in the hospital chapel. It went pretty well, there were more people than […]

    Doug Tales

  59. Szlag mnie trafia

    Panie Premierze szlag mnie trafia, bo zamiast czytać w prasie światowej doniesienia o kolejnych sukcesach gospodarczyc […]


  60. A ver, a ver si te animás…


    les propongo que llenen esta encuenta para que todos nos sorprendamos de las respuestas de los demas…

    U […]

    Santa Rita Joven

  61. Cars!

    Ron and I went to OKC this evening for the Oklahoma premiere of Cars. I can pretty much sum up my whole review in three […]

    Red Fork Hippie Chick

  62. Muslim Canadian Congress Blames Bush, Blair, and Harper

    According to a statement on the Muslim Canadian Congress website “Muslim Canadians are in a state of shock to learn […]


  63. Itunes Lets People Re-Download all Your Music Once!

    I was trying to buy and watch a episode of firefly when it kept messing up. So I contacted the music store and they […]

    The Content

  64. Mengajar dengan kurikulum 50 tahun yang lalu

    Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya menonton Oprah mengenai hancurnya pendidikan di Amerika. Bahkan salah satu majalah […]

    Budi Rahardjo

  65. ReThinking my stance…

    On a previous post I mentioned that maybe Jason Calacanis a little too bold for his tactics and being an SVP maybe he […]

    Shawn Christopher

  66. Scripting News for 6/5/2006

    Chris Pirillo begs for an OPML of all of NPR’s podcasts. Google spreadsheet due tomorrow.&

    Scripting News Annex

  67. ten mesajlar bitmiyor

    Haaalaa mesaj geliyor, bitmek tukenmek bilmiyor bu yaraticilik.. Buyrun sizinle paylasayim yine…

    Juzy.NeT teki […]

    Efe’nin Karalama Defteri

  68. 1600 MS points contest.

    Congrats to you Johhny from houston, texas he won last month's nyko intercooler contest.

    BUT here is the […]

    K1lla’s Xbox Domain

  69. how do financial advisors make their money?

    they make their money managing money for others. for financial planners and advisors, especially for families, they […]

    memoirs on a rainy day

  70. CSR– Beyond The Requirements Of The Law

    A news story caught my attention, while waiting for my son in the barber shop. I thought this is worth blogging. […]


  71. PS3 will have half of the processing capabilities of Xbox 360

    PS3's Cell processor can write data at 250 times the speed it can read it, making a huge chunk of PS3's […]

    Swiecki’s Blog

  72. The enemy of the best

    “Sometimes the good is the enemy of the best.”

    I heard this quote today in a non-adoption related setting. The power […]


  73. Top 10 Hockey Videos on the Internet

    Ahhh, the internet…good for news, shopping, porn, and HOCKEY VIDEOS. Yes, mixed-in with all the cam-whores and […]

    murph’s blog

  74. The battle of the Neo Blog Search Engines

    As the blogosphere’s moving up at mach speed, one market, which had fantastic potential was not really tapped by […]

    Chrono Tron >> World Wide Weblog

  75. CineQuiz #5

    Nuovo quiz per gli appassionati di cinema, come al solito da ogni immagine stato eliminato digitalmente il volto del p […] Blog

  76. The Rahul Mahajan Case and Indian TV

    ***Sticky Post*** The Rahul Mahajan case brings back memories of another episode that happened long time ago […]

    Kamla Bhatt

  77. Θυμαμαι…

    …εκεινες τις […]

    james joyce

  78. Scaricare la Season 2 di Lost

    Per chi come me impaziente di vedere la seconda stagione di Lost e gli scoccia scaricarla col peer-to-peer[vedi emule( […]

    Garret’s Blog

  79. What’s wrong with this picture?

    Here is a photo from a Sunday school lesson about the first day of creation. What do you think? Anything wrong with it? […]


  80. Video: Golo de Figo (Portugal)

    Figo no seu melhor contra o Luxemburgo no ltimo jogo treino da seleco nacional portuguesa antes do mundial da alemanh […]


  81. Plano Nacional de Leitura

    Um professor de Portugus um burro carregado de livros, digo eu.
    Na escola do filhote, no pode haver biblioteca esco […]


  82. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 08 – Is Keiichi a moron? Is Mion possesed by a demon? Is this title stupid?

    I have an answer to only one of these questions and unfortunately it's only the third one. Yes, I admit it, I […]

    Die, Fanboys!

  83. Blocked

    During my haphazard blog-hopping yesterday, I stopped at Jackie’s blog and was happy to learn that she was in the […]

    Jewaira’s Boudoir

  84. Commenting on the NBA Finals

    Also posted at The Sports Economist

    The NBA, relative to the other major sports leagues, tends to suffer from a lack […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  85. Lots of free movie passes has lots of free movie passes to win. This week, they’ve got contests for:

    “Garfield: A Tail Of […]

    movie lovers

  86. Certified Redux

    I was in one of the first Aperture T3 sessions. These are the Train The Trainer sessions that Apple runs to grant Apple […]

  87. Turquía: “Suicidas” por dejar de ser vírgenes

    De hoy en El Mundo.

    La persecucin de los 'crmenes de honor' hace que cada vez ms jvenes turcas se quite […]

    Eurabian News

  88. Windows live messanger public beta

    At long last Microsoft has opened beta-testing of Windows Live Messenger, formerly known as MSN Messenger 8, to the […]

    Life of a Jackal

  89. Ανέκδοτο..

    Κάθετε ο Κρητικός ο […]

    The Voyager…

  90. Amending an Inspired Constitution to Define Marriage

    Today, my friend Gary Shapiro has written a guest editorial for The Iron Rod commenting on the Marriage Protection […]

    The Iron Rod

  91. Poll Reveals a Contradictory Portrait Shaded With Promise and Doubt

    The Post printed the next phase of its ‘Being a Black Man’ series. It was an article discussing the poll […]


  92. X-Men 3 – The Last Stand Hidden Scene

    I told you there must a hidden scene in X-men 3 –

    The Moojik Times

  93. Where Is Mary Magdalene Buried?

    The official Church version is that Mary Magdalene was buried in Ephesus and that in 899 the Emperor Leo VI had her […]

    DaVinci’s Blog

  94. Tom

    Tom… who? 😉

    I couldn't capture the expression on the face accurately though… he's supposed to look […]

    The Y Pages

  95. Novartis Launches Global Program Expanding Access to Investigational Compound Nilotinib (AMN107) for Patients With […]

    * New worldwide program addresses unmet medical need for patients with treatment-resistant Philadelphia […]

    CML Newswire

  96. Ας μην χουμε αυταπτε&sigm […]

  97. Seguire i Mondiali di calcio 2006 online

    I Mondiali di calcio 2006 inizieranno in Germania il 9 giugno per terminale con la finale di Berlino il 9 luglio: […]

    Dario Salvelli’s Blog

  98. Papercraft

    It's been pretty slow lately in terms of news, so I thought I'd discuss papercraft. Seriously! I brought some […]

  99. Weird, weirder, weirdest!

    Have been tagged again, this time by Lalitha. I am quite enjoying this tagging business!

    What I need to do:
    1.Post […]

    BoHeMiAn RhApSoDy

  100. Consciousness and Intelligence

    Because of our experience we tend to associate consciousness with intelligence, and sometimes confuse the two. […]

    On Philosophy

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