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May 28, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Team work

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Looks familiar??

    (See larger picture from Flickr.)

    Greener Pasture

  2. Gay Signifiers Well Past Their Due Date

    Celtic Knot Armband-Tatts
    Eyebrow Piercings
    Heavy Chain Necklaces Over Sleeveless Tees
    Fauxhawks, Fauxhawks, […]


  3. Actress Selma Blair in Los Angeles.

    Nosy Snoop

  4. سوء استفاده از کاریکاتور ایران به نفع پان ترکها

    عرض کرده بودم که در چند هفته گذشته از هیچ چیز خبر نداشتم! حتی از […]


  5. The questioning of career, life, family, love follows grief (taking a week off of blogging)

    Two days ago Maryam told me that she always wanted a BMW (we've been planning a car purchase for a while cause her […]

    Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger

  6. 왼손만으로 칠 수 있는 말

    Sam Ruby: Ploink

    우리나라라면 왼손으로는 초성밖에 못치니 “ㅋㅋㅋ” “ㅎㅎㅎ” “ㅅㅂ(;;;)” […]

    철수네 소프트웨어 세상 3

  7. SUSE 10.1 and RT2500 Wi-Fi

    I installed SUSE Linux 10.1 just to realize that my wireless card, which is Asus WL-130g PCI, supporting 802.11b/g, is […]

    Linux and Open Source Blog

  8. Back…From HEEEELLLL!!!

    So, I'm back from Games Day. Pretty much exactly what I expected, as far as the turnout goes. Of course, […]

    Matt Is Robot

  9. 2k6 Battleground Europe Convention

    Long day today, and aside from Rafter we didn't get today or yesterday off, infact today was pretty busy. I can […]

    kfsone’s pittance

  10. denuncian zoofilia

    Denuncias que se repiten. Zoofilia en va pblica. El frontis de la Escuela Santa Mara y los alrededores del Mercado Ce […]


  11. The Pet Shop Boys Show

    Pet Shop Boys’ new album Fundamental is apparently very very good (it’s all that my flatmate can listen to at the […]

    Binky The Doormat

  12. Historic Mansion For Sale on Ebay

    SPECIAL NOTE FROM SHIRLEY: To fully enjoy this piece, you must read all the comments. Gotta read the Digg article, […]

    Shirley Buxton

  13. Showdown at Google Gulch

    Let's do some browsing around the city of Baghdad, on Google Maps: […]

    Shii’s Rocky Middle Path

  14. Is It Gonna Burn? Am I?

    I'm a fan of much of the music that comes out of THE WILDS Christian Camp. I believe that their ministry of music […]

    My Two Cents

  15. May 27th – Peggy Kane

    The supposed shoot out in Washington DC (I believe that was Friday) which locked down several building in the Capitol […]


  16. La seconda serie di Lost online – Lost Season 2

    Lost è una serie Tv americana (con tanto di podcast online) che ha riscosso molto successo in Italia poichè trasmessa […]

    Dario Salvelli’s Blog

  17. Can I change colours and pictures on my blog?

    You can only change a theme to the extent that a theme author allows. You cannot edit themes, templates, add your own […]

    Frequently Asked Questions

  18. Callboy Torsten: wie soll es weitergehen?

    Ich habe lange mit mir gehadert, diesen Text zu veröffentlichen, da ein großer Teil auf Vermutungen basiert, sich mit […]

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

  19. PRS sacked 6 of his nominated Supreme Council members

    Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) President Datuk Seri Dr James Masing has terminated the appointment of six of his party’s […]

    A Forum on the Sarawak State Election 2006

  20. hópurinn á sunnudag

    slar stlkur, er a hpurinn sunnudag.
    dagn,sja,jnna,sandra,ra,hrefna,jna,inga ds,kata,hansna,hrabba,be […]

    Magni er liðið, Grenivík er staðurinn!

  21. Farm Report Card – Part I

    The big club has had its struggles in 2006, but has shown some life over the past week. After beginning the season […]

    Prospect Insider

  22. Sylwek

    Dzisiejszym „przedmiotem” naszej aukcji jest Sylwek!
    -wzrost: na pewno więcej niż Ty
    -kolor oczu: […]

    Rabbi’s blog

  23. Itunes Lets People Re-Download all Your Music Once!

    I was trying to buy and watch a episode of firefly when it kept messing up. So I contacted the music store and they […]

    The Content

  24. οὐ δηὖτ’ ἔμπεδός εἰμι οὐδ’ ἀστοῖσι προσηνής.

    Με χαρά και ανησυχία […]


  25. Understanding Today’s Consumer (Or How To Guarantee You Don’t Get That Marketing Job)

    Welcome to Chartreuse(beta) Shoes. Thanks for applying for the marketing position.

    I see you have 10 years of […]

    chartreuse (BETA)

  26. Vad i helvete?

    Idag har jag ftt asmycket trafik frn den hr sidan. Dock mste man tydligen vara inloggad fr att se vad det handlar o […]


  27. Acerca del derecho a un médico responsable

    Segn la Ley General de Sanidad, todo paciente debe tener un “mdico responsable”, que se encargue de controlar su evolu […]

    El diario de un médico que está harto

  28. பலாத்காரம் செய்தவனையே மணந்துகொள்

    Marrying the rapist.

    Find a man to rape her and then we can get her married off to him (in Tamil font)

    imo, a […]


  29. Dates examen

    Si vous craignez devoir faire un des examen d't ou vous avez un autre intrt, vous trouvez les dates d'examen […]

    HEI 05

  30. Screen Shots of Windows Anytime Upgrade!

    Windows Anytime Upgrade is a service from Microsoft that lets you upgrade Windows Vista. Say you have Home Basic and […]

    Vista Blog

  31. A Brief Observation of Asahina Mikuru

    A thought has been swimming round my head for a while now. Warning, though there are spoilers for anyone who […]

    Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito

  32. Aqaba & Wadi Rum May 26 2006

    …And when i thought im gonna have some rest this friday, we decided to go to a trip ..
    We didnt know to where, but i […]


  33. Outstanding Ads of ikea

    ikea's advertising strategy is outstanding. I gather best of ikea ads from several resourses to inspire […]


  34. Rationality and Morality

    Unlike purely descriptive endeavors ethics is not only meant to describe what ethical behavior is but to provide us […]

    On Philosophy

  35. Breaking Report: Angelina Jolie Schedules C-Section for Today

    A breaking report claims that this will be the weekend that Angelina Jolie gives birth. Angelina is scheduled to […]

    All Angelina Jolie

  36. Vilken “nyhet”, Aftonbladet!

    Aftonbladet har gjort ett ett riktigt scoop. De har Grv-priset i sin hulda hand, kan man tnka. Man har kommit fram til […]

    Bloggen Bent

  37. The Let them Eat Cake Generation

    If there was ever a reason to bring back the guillotine and start lopping fat overprivileged heads off of fat […]

    Grumpy Old Indian Man

  38. Bibliotek, Infotek eller Mediatek? Enkätresultat!

    Denna vecka var det 95 personer som svarade p enkten. Tack fr det! 🙂

    Hr kommer veckans intressanta resultat:
    B […]

  39. TechCrunch: Review of Online, Web-based Feed Readers

    Techcrunch offers “The State of Online Feed Readers”, a look and review at what is available for reading feeds, the […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  40. I’m the CEO of Diplomat Records, I sign myself.

    Shout out to Killa Cam.


    I'm gonna start posting again now, after a bit of an inspiration drought. This […]

    Grow Wings

  41. The Battle For Supremacy

    November 2006 is going to be a historic month in video gaming.

    Two of the industry's biggest rivals are set […]


  42. Ergo Proxy – 11


  43. New media: η εναλλακτική επιλογή

    Το να ρωτήσω εάν σας […]


  44. Καμένη η γκόμενα


    amalia unleashed

  45. QuickTime

    So enough with the long post titles and security for a little while (I might return to it later though!).

    I have […]

    My Journey to Macintosh

  46. Top 10 Strangest Gadgets of the Future

    Memory LCD, EyeMove PC, Transparent Toaster and 7 more make up this list of the top 10 strangest futuristic […]


  47. Scripting News for 5/27/2006

    Steve Gillmor has the summertime blues.
    Cooool, a new

    Scripting News Annex

  48. Neomatrix CS Intermediate League (NCIL)

    NCIL will start soon in June around June 10th. All clans wishing to participate in NCIL are requested to confirm their […]

    Neomatrix Gaming Network – Blog

  49. Why We Fight

    The following documentary runs one hour and forty minutes and is best viewed in fullscreen (from Google Video) on a […]

    gone like the water

  50. Disable Non Genuine Windows Warning Messages

    This copy of Microsoft Windows XP is not genuine. Windows XP Pirates have again found workaround methods to bypass the […]

    burnz’s blog @

  51. Wedding Bell Blues

    My oldest daughter is getting married today. This will be the first of my girls to get married and I don't mind […]

    Innocent Bystanders

  52. Bill Gates comments on Wii

    “With both the Wii and the PlayStation 3 tracking the twitching of gamers' hands, has Microsoft's Xbox 360 […]

  53. Install Picasa on Ubuntu

    Google’s famed Picasa photo management app is now available for Linux!. In perhaps what is a sign of the growing […]

    Ubuntu Blog

  54. reservations: photo feature

    Our would be kids …

    *.* of anything and everything else

  55. ARUNDHATI ROY: Why we must listen to her

    Ideally, this should have been a simple response to some of the comments to the two pieces that Churumuri has carried […]


  56. Guns N´ Roses

    Música de los 80 y los 90

  57. Finals!

    Finals, finals, finals, who invented them anyway? Can finals really measure your potential? Can exams really evaluate […]

    Chronicles Of A Utopian Writer

  58. Knowledge Mullahs


    Everytime I think I have FINALLY got over the reservation debate and want to move on, […]

    Life is a street car named Desire

  59. Why Does it Have to be Wrong or Right?

    Okay, this is almost entirely off topic but a post over at Jimmy Akin's site made me want to bring this up for […]

    Musings from a Catholic Bookstore

  60. No More Startups?

    What’s the definition of startups? I’d define it like “a (generally high-tech) company founded by 1-3 talented people […]

    Ivan Multescu

  61. Grote brand woedt hele nacht in centrum Hengelo


    Een brand in het centrum van Hengelo heeft vanacht een geweldige ravage aangericht. Diverse grote pand […]

    Nederlands Nieuws,On-line !

  62. “MSN Spaces: La lacra de los blogs”, ¿blogosfera clasista?

    El mircoles asist a mi primera Blogs&Beers en Madrid (Antonio Fumero hace un repaso). Mi primera B&B en la capital. Es […]


  63. Savage garden

    I was standing in the deli section at Shaw's, staring dumbly at a display case behind the counter. There, whirling […]

    The Screaming Room

  64. x-men the last stink

    well, another x-men movie is out and wow, its a stinker! the main problem here is that bryan singer, of the usual […]

    memoirs on a rainy day

  65. Bad Behavior 2 Alpha 3/Alpha 4

    Lunacy Unleashed

  66. Salada de frutas: HTML, CSS, SVG e Javascript

    Agora aqui na praia o clima está congelante, então as fotos de surfe deram uma esfriada (que trocadilho infame). Com […]

    Blog do Aurélio (Verde)

  67. AG Gonzales Threatens To Resign Over Congressional Document Seizure

    I say “Good Riddance!”

    From The Washington Post:

    The Justice Department signaled to the White House this week […]

    Big Brass Balls

  68. Spam

    37 spam berichten in mijn mailbox.


    .. maar waarom krijgt Lou dan de interessante aanbiedingen ?


  69. Audio Bullys bezorgen publiek onbezorgde topavond

    De Audio Bullys werden bekend met de hit ‘We Don’t Care’ en het recentere ‘Shot You Down’ […]

    Matthijs van der Ven

  70. Anna Svidersky Memorial Video

    Who said that the Web doesn't have feelings?

    Anna Svidersky Memorial Video

    Rodrigo Stulzer Blog

  71. Wife Wanted

    Actually, no.

    Rather, I'm looking for a permanent female contributor to this blog. I already have one — Natalia […]

    Unwilling Self-Negation

  72. The Secret Nature of Form

    During week two of most seasons the conferences are spammed with posts complaining about low form. I sometimes glance […]


  73. De forkerte fik ret

    Uddrag Ole Hyltofts' kronik i Jyllandsposten 30. september 2002

    hentet p: […]


  74. Felipe González: ¡Eurabia, ya!


    Para el ex presidente del Gobierno Felipe Gonzlez, la Unin Europea, en la actualidad, no se mira […]

    Eurabian News

  75. Da Vinci Code: Questions – free download

    If the recent articles on questions raised by The Da Vinci Code have been helpful, I have compiled them into a single […]


  76. G and X

    Buildup: Minimal. My flight was delayed two hours, and B had spent nearly the entire time I was gone cleaning and […]

    Sex Diary

  77. Arbitrary algorithms

    The seemingly omnipresent Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker profiles a new book that is adding to the trend of […]

    Abnormal Returns

  78. My Odyssey

    Here's a summary of what happened to me during the last week or so:

    i. Missed my flight to London from Frankfurt […]


  79. Picasa en ubuntu Linux

    Google liber una versin de picasa para Linux… o casi (se est haciendo muy comn esa frase en mi blog :/)
    A decir […]

    Fred.cpp y sus cosas

  80. Prison Break, episodio 2 “Da che parte stai?”

    Ieri sera alle 22.55 Italia 1 ha trasmesso il secondo episodio della prima stagione di Prison Break, dal titolo […] Blog

  81. Skattjakt

    Att gra ett kap verkar kunna kvala in p mnga topp tio-listor. Att f kpa en skadad eller gammal vara fr halva prise […]


  82. Beating the download limit on Rapidshare!! Download multiple files at a time from rapidshare

    As you may know, if you try to download multiple files from Rapidshare without a premium membership, the service makes […]

    Hey Snehasis……Whats up???

  83. Menu

    Today i noticed something which i found strange …. i never look at the prices on the menu anymore ….


  84. Video Escaldante de Merche Romero

    Queres ver um video escaldante de Merche Romero onde a podes ver nua com as suas fantsticas mamas? O video est dispon […]


  85. A Wireless Router with Reach

    eBent has been quieter than usual for the last few days because my router failed on Thursday. Jeanne had web sites to […]

    eBent Recumbent Cycling

  86. Comment « vendre » Jabber à votre boss pour votre boîte

    Sur Jive Talks, le blog officiel de Jive Software, entreprise l'origine de l'excellent serveur Jabber libre Wi […]

    Nyco’s blog

  87. Kuwaiterne pusher porno til hele familien

    GEO: Porno for hele familien

    Q8 kan alle afsporede typer nemlig regne med, nr det glder porno. Jeg gr […]

    Hodjas blog

  88. Ω μοτοσυκλτα, τραγο&upsil […]

  89. The Truth About Striking Doctors

    Even though it was reported in Times of India, this news is still shocking:
    NEW DELHI: The main grouse of AIIMS […]

    Mom Knows Everything!

  90. Spyware Quake

    Spyware Quake is one of the most recent spyware that has been released on the Internet. In fact, I had seen an […]

    Pure Geekiness

  91. Welcome Lou Dobbs

    I knew you were one of us all along.

    Also, thanks for the proper citation, on CNN, no less.

    St. Louis CofCC Blog

  92. La teoría de la foca (ampliación sobre castración)

    El Capi, que es un titn, hace una de sus genialidades en la entrada del mismo ttulo, pero me gustara aportar un punto […]

    El Blog Nuevo del Emperador

  93. Pudhupettai

    Kokki came, Kokki killed, Kokki conquered.

    I am left searching for words to describe the spectacle of reality and […]


  94. This Website Supports IE 7++

    I've been trying very hard not to get worked up by the various details that have come out of the Internet Explorer […]

    Cal Jacobson’s Blog

  95. Did Al-Arian Judge Have Conflict of Interest?

    On Monday, May 1, Judge James Moody delivered a blistering political commentary in Dr. Sami Al-Arian’s sentencing […]

    Salika Sufisticate

  96. D-Day Results: Down in the dumps….

    Well, the day finally arrived today morning. I got up with great expectations and so did the people around me. Incase […]

    Chrono Tron >> World Wide Weblog

  97. Ommemmerda

    Minchia che capitano che ci ritroviamo…

    Poche idee ma confuse

  98. Gambar skodeng pengantin baru

    gambar skodeng pengantin baru….

    Sabul Rumah Tumpangan | Sabul Skodeng

  99. Hablemos de sexo

    Conocen ese viejo chiste sobre los dos tipos de sexo?, el oral y el escrito.

    De 1995 a 1997, la interna de la Casa B […]

    Cosas que (me) pasan

  100. The News That Everyone Missed

    Recently, the Government of Delhi lifted the cap on the number of “essentiality certificates” for districts in Delhi. […]

    License To… Hic!

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