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May 14, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Adriana Lima’s new TMI ads.

    Nosy Snoop

  2. Bad news gets worse

    Today sucked.

    Today the doctors sat us down and gave us the news my brothers and I had a sense was coming, but […]

    Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger

  3. Astonishing Twins

    Today i got an email from a friend about this twins. Whats very surprising about them as you can see in the pic below, […]

    j a m s h a i d

  4. NY SOCIAL ELITE POWER RANKING (Ranking period May 10-24, 2006)

    Not many New York bi-weekly periods are as eventful as this past one.
    This makes the judging process even more […]

  5. Bro in the Elevator

    Dear Bro in the Elevator,

    You asked me what button to push. I wanted to respond and tell you that I wanted to push […]

    Life Ajar

  6. Team performance and assumptions

    Pure knowledge doesn't exist. I mean, there is not such a thing as an accurate and objective portrayal of the world […]


  7. Homeland Security Stole My Site!

    I'm looking at my Adsense earnings this morning and notice they're a little low. A little meaning like 10% of […]

    Grigori on Europe

  8. For all the sweet mothers in the world!

    Hi everybody! 😀
    Here it is, our little Mothers Day surprise!

    For all the moms in the world, we uploaded our […]

    Pomme & Kelly

  9. Goodbye…

    Thank you for your interest in Gtalkr. Unfortunately, the Gtalkr instant messaging client is no longer available. The […]

    Everything Gtalkr

  10. தேர்தல் முடிவு ஓர் அலசல் | TN election result analysis

    DMK+ = 151 | ADMK+ = 78 | DMDK=1 |

    Chella’s Audio Blog in Tamil

  11. Travis Blackley, LHP

    It's been 16 months and four days since Travis Blackley underwent labrum surgery in a Beverly Hills, California […]

    Prospect Insider

  12. Cowboys Pro Bowl safety Roy Williams will make Mother’s Day memorable for 11 low-income single moms.

    In Dallas, Cowboys Pro Bowl safety Roy Williams will make Mother's Day memorable for 11 low-income […]

    Oklahoma Sooners & NFL Blog

  13. Introducing the YoBF Boyz

    Scott Aniol is always complaining that fundamentalists are 25 years behind evangelicals when it comes to our music. […]

    My Two Cents

  14. Taib’s brother, Datuk Seri Mohammad Ali Mahmud, is contesting in Muara Tuang, which has triggered speculation that […]

    He will be 70 on May 21, a day after voters in the State go to the polls.

    But Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, Sarawak’s […]

  15. Showdown at Google Gulch

    Let's do some browsing around the city of Baghdad, on Google Maps: […]

    Shii’s Rocky Middle Path

  16. Wmp 11 in Windows Xp..

    These were posted in a network a few minutes back, Windows Media Player 11 in Windows XP

    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot […]

    Prince’s Blog

  17. SUSE 10.1: ATI Drivers Installation

    Got my SUSE Linux 10.1 up and runnin and already enjoying, though still got to go through all the customization. I will […]

    Linux and Open Source Blog

  18. Video Gay en español: Baños publicos

    Video gay en espaol, (ao 2000) – Direccin: Antonio Hens , 17minutos

    Este video no es porno (this is not a porno)


  19. Negima Second season – slow on the uptake

    As usual, being the busy man that I am I am late on the uptake of the amazing news that Negima Second season is […]

    Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito

  20. Elbow cover everyone


    Elbow (you know, that British band who are a bit like Coldplay, but better, and don’t sell half as many […]

    Binky The Doormat

  21. denuncian zoofilia

    Denuncias que se repiten. Zoofilia en va pblica. El frontis de la Escuela Santa Mara y los alrededores del Mercado Ce […]


  22. TV – Dr. House anno 2 rinviato al 2007, a settembre The O.C. anno 3 su Italia 1… e altro

    Ancora un rinvio per la seconda stagione di Dr. House – Medical Division su Italia 1: inizialmente annunciato per aprile […] Blog

  23. “Nτίνα Καλφοπούλου”

    Αν υπάρχει… Ντίνα […]

    The McManus Sessions

  24. a fairy tale of depression and graphic violence: the muv-luv alternative controversy

    One of the first things that I wanted to blog when I started this site up in February was Muv-Luv Alternative. The […]


  25. I’m no angel, but I’ve spread my wings a bit.

    Illustration Friday – The theme: Angels and Devils

    … I guess Im on a mythos roll … last weeks Harappa Hathi, the […]

    Grumpy Old Indian Man

  26. Mr ‘X’ – Reveresed – Thanks to Peg Leg, and Buffalo Voice

    Before i include the article in this post i want to take this opportunity to thank both Peg Leg and Buffalo Voice who […]


  27. The Sony Lies Wall

    Really, there should be one of these for Nintendo and Microsoft, too, because both of those companies also have […]

    The Gaming Hobo

  28. Weird flashing menus?

    I am having a weird problem with right click menus, often I get an annoying flicker effect when right clicking a menu. […]

    My Journey to Macintosh

  29. Tressel gives Carr noogie, wedgie, lunchtime de-pantsing; hall monitor, NCAA silent on issue

    Ann Arbor, Michigan – Despite his professed friendship with Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr, Ohio State head coach Jim […]

    It’s a Definite Maybe

  30. Time Bombs

    I pulled my suitcase out of the closet this morning and found something I'd bought for Elena at MacWorld in […]

    Dear Elena

  31. apt-get… oh baby i’ve missed you!

    My experience so far with open solaris, for the past month have been rather interensting. I've found the community […]

    OpenSolaris – UNIX OBSESSED

  32. This game kicks ass

    Ok – I know at the moment it's also behaving a little ass-kicked, we're working on that.

    Last night I was […]

    kfsone’s pittance

  33. Big Buzz: Techcrunch’s Re-designs

    Techcrunch, one of the big daddies of the blogosphere and every web 2.0 product’s first reviewer has gone in for a […]

    Chrono Tron >> World Wide Weblog

  34. My links do not appear

    A link will only appear if it is in a category.

    Click to Bookmarks – Manage bookmarks and see if a link is assigned […]

    Frequently Asked Questions

  35. Requesting some infos…

    Why hello everyone out there in Gentoo land 🙂 Just a request for information (lots of it actually, as much as […]

    Steev’s Gentoo Stuff

  36. Ingen skön syn

    En gravt alkoholiserad man i sjuttiorsldern var en frekvent beskare i butiken, och det var alltid lite nervst nr ha […]


  37. Angels And Devils

    I'm stupid busy with unpacking after moving this week, but I did want to participate in Illustration Friday. […]

    Life Without Taffy

  38. Σαράβαλο η Πόρσε

    Οσα παίρνει ο ANemos

  39. Angels and Devils

    Angels and Devils topic

    Illustration Friday's

  40. As I Lay Dying

    If anyone knows William Faulkner, one probably remembers him for his difficult works, for his The Sound and the Fury, […]


  41. 12 Jenis Blogger

    SEPERTI halnya ada banyak karakter manusia di bawah jagat atmosfer, demikian pula halnya dengan Blogger di ranah […]


  42. CHURUMURI POLL: Who should be President next?

    Sure, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's term won't come to an end for another two years. Sure, it's too early to predict […]


  43. Illustration Friday: Angela vs. Diablo

    Like I mentioned in the previous post, the theme announced at this week is Angels and Devils. […]

    Nasty Little Thing Productions | by Karthik Abhiram

  44. What a @#!*&#* Mess!!!

    Everything went well at the Boeing Championship. Heck, Bobby Wadkins even set a new competitive course record of […]

    The Boeing Championship

  45. Naked photos of Wendy

    First of all, thanks to all of you that check out this humble weblog daily. Some of you check out the site, some of […]

    Wendy Cooper’s Weblog

  46. A Victim of “American Propaganda”

    I have heard some outrageous claims during my travels abroad.

    I once had a village full of Haitian kids try to […]

    The Asia Pages

  47. Linkie o’ the Day: Beautiful Agony

    It's amazing what you find clicking on “most recently updated” on WordPress. It tends to be more interesting than […]


  48. What I Did Over My Summer Vacation

    Lots of adoptive parents have asked me what suggestions I have for them. “How do we raise our transracially adopted […]

    Twice the Rice

  49. Most Recent Counter Strike 1.6 Clan Line-Ups

    Please post your clan lineup in the following format. All Amateur, Mid-Level and Hi-Level clans should post their […]

    Neomatrix Gaming Network – Blog

  50. Więc chodź pokoloruj mi Mac…

    Firma Fastmac, zaprezentowała niedawno nowe, kolorowe obudowy dla mac mini. Ich koszt to 69,95 dol.

    O maczkach i innych kwiatkach

  51. Angels and Devils – Illustration Friday

    there was little girl
    she had a little curl
    right in the middle of her forehead
    when she was good
    she was very […]

    draw the line

  52. [blog network weekend] Blog Media

    After months of Internet brawls, high profile purchases and high profile defection

    chartreuse (BETA)

  53. Run my mess for less

    The single most important reason for outsourcing is to reduce and control operating costs. The business side of the […]

    Basman | Explore: IT Outsourcing

  54. Cake Migrations

    Joel Moss has published a first version of Cake Migrations, a port of Rails Migrations. What are (Rails) migrations? […]

    cake baker

  55. The SWOT model may be wrong

    | Nicolai Foss |

    One of the basic, indeed foundational, frameworks of strategic management, the SWOT model, may be […]

    Organizations and Markets


    For the most part, and many of you will be disheartened to know this, I'm pretty moderate in my views. I'm not […]


  57. ميلاد النبي مع الشيخ و سيدي فراز فريد رباني الحنفي

    (The description of the actual milad will be provided soon. This is an account of my time with the Shaykh before the […]

    Contemplating Chishti

  58. Priceless Advice

    It is always difficult for parents to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with their adolescent kids about serious […]

    Jewaira’s Boudoir

  59. weeeeekends movies…

    The House of Zen

  60. 12 of 12: May

    As I mentioned yesterday, today is 12 of 12, courtesy of the awesome Chad Darnell. Today, you get “a very special” 12 […]

    Sappy Chick’s Ramblings

  61. histograms be damned

    If there is an ultimate irony in my personal universe, it is discovering a post by someone I’ve never met entitled […]

    Second Verse

  62. Cinema Quiz 2

    What movies are these pictures from….


  63. “Google Notebook” – ness

    There seems to be a fair amount of buzz surrounding the imminent release of Google Notebook, yet another arrow in […]

  64. X-epetes

    Κυρίες και κύριοι της προσφιλούς ελληνικής μπλογκοσφαίρας, με χα […]

    Unique Fish

  65. Outbreak

    So you think it's okay to pet strange dogs. You don't get overly apprehensive if you forget to wash your […]

    The Screaming Room

  66. [IM] MSN Music Plugin for Winamp MSN音樂外掛

    是不是曾經有過這樣的經驗?想要分享正在聽的音樂給 MSN 上的人,卻發現自己 […]

    about COMPUTER & LIFE

  67. The Scandal!

    heh. dude! seriously! SOMEbody had to grab a photo with their camera phone. quick! search flickr!

    i'm just […]

    Addicting Entertainment

  68. Cruising The Blogging Community

    Since is supposed to be representative of a blogging “community”, using WordPressMU as the multiple […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  69. FNK-P: Nem Conselho, Nem Disciplina

    J pudemos dar-nos conta, no que diz respeito FNK-P, que a sua maneira de funcionar e pensar consiste em deixar de fun […]


  70. Free Pattern: Trendy Purse

    I'm making this purse right now, and it's turning out darling! The pattern is very easy to follow, just […]

    Crafty Pants

  71. Quiet Riot


    Música de los 80 y los 90

  72. Jews During Holocaust Reviled For Being “Muslim”

    In the Nazi concentration camps, there were unfortunate Jews who lost all the will to survive.

    They were called by th […]

    Unwilling Self-Negation

  73. Nintendo Should Partner with Apple

    Everyone has an iPod.  Therefore, everyone uses iTunes.  Judging from all the stories on Digg in the last couple […]

    Eli Dourado

  74. खुली चुनौती – भारत की

    जी हां मै उन्मुक्त ही हूं और उन्मुक्त के नाम ए […]


  75. Die Bildzeitung, Nicole und wie man sich noch mehr entblöden kann

    Ich hab es mir ja schon fast gedacht, es geht noch schlimmer. Im Artikel Die Bildzeitung, Nicole und die Bldheit an sic […]

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

  76. PHP Object Hierarchies

    Ever since I wrote the first draft of the Widgets plugin, I've had a fetish for structuring data as object […]

    Andy Skelton

  77. Eurythmics, Androgyny, and Postgenderism

    I grew up being a big fan of Eurythmics. I absolutely loved how intense their lyrics were, and how they […]

    Chronicles Of A Utopian Writer

  78. Sony Disowns Mainstream?

    Has Sony destroyed its chance of appealing to the mass-market with its next generation games console?.

    If your […]


  79. Get Help

    To the persons who arrived at this site using these search terms today:

    pics of men molesting babies (2 […]

    Women’s Space/The Margins

  80. Parahyangan Executive Lounge

    Saya baru tahu bahwa di stasiun Gambir Jakarta ada Parahyangan Executive Lounge. Ini ruangan ber-AC yang nyaman di […]

    Budi Rahardjo

  81. Stop browser discrimination!

    You know how annoying it is when you’re browsing online and stumble upon webpages that are absolutely impossible to […]

    tina’s little technological blog

  82. Companies Buck the Outsourcing Trend

    In a recent post, and throughout the subsequent thread on immigrant labor/outsourcing, I argued that the United States […]

    Innocent Bystanders

  83. Edgar-Manía…

    Para empezar Edgar es un nombre que siempre me ha cagado la madre por razones personales. Al principio lo vi en un foro […]

  84. Sleeping on the job

    Dick Cheney was caught sleeping by Reuters photographers at a meeting in the White House today, where the Iraq war was […]

    A Quantum Diaries Survivor

  85. What Does My Name Mean?

    I agree with most of these. Not too bad … CAROLINE C is for Charismatic […]

    Caroline’s Kitty Corner

  86. Happy Mummy’s Day

    Mother's Day.

    Definition: One of the “specially designated days” to make you feel as though you are a useless […]

    pelf-ism is contagious

  87. مثال لنموذج كتابة السيرة الذاتية

    أحب أن أعرض نموذج لكتابة السيرة الذاتية باللغة الإنجليزية. الملف […]

    الإدارة و الهندسة الصناعية

  88. Det som bor i böckerna

    Jag satt just vid köksbordet och slevade i mig Bran Flakes och Yoghurt medan jag läste de inledande sidorna i Michael […]

    David Nessle

  89. Deixem os conselhos para quem deve

    Já estava eu sentado calmamente no autocarro, preparado para desfrutar da minha hora de leitura e escrita durante a […]

    Olhar Marciano

  90. Tulip World


    Akira’s Photo Life

  91. La esfera de Kosol y otros experimentos de antigravedad

    El 20 de Mayo de 2005, un tal Kosol anunci que haba inventado un […]

    El Club del Tetraedro

  92. How do I eject the CD?

    The Problem
    This sounds so silly, it’s painful. The only way I can eject CDs from Ubuntu, is by right-clicking on the […]

    Linux for human beings?

  93. Ukończony PORADNIK MŁODEGO USERA Ubuntu…

    Właśnie przed chwilą wydany na świat został Poradnik/Przewodnik, jak zacząć zabawe z Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy […]

    “Ubuntu w jednym palcu…”

  94. Business Sense…

    Finally got some time off to blog a bit.

    I’m kinda bothered that while I’m over here in country X doing official […]

    :: Flaunt :: Flirt :: Fling ::

  95. Imamers indflydelse er overdrevet skriver DR-Text-TV

    “De danske imamer har langt fra s stor indflydelse p muslimerne herhjemme, som nogle tror.” skriver DR-Text-TV gldess […]

    Hodjas blog

  96. SC calls it “Legal Terrorism”

    25 reasons why IPC 498a is anti-social?

    1 It is handled under the Criminal law for marriage related matters and not […]


  97. no tenéis vergüenza

    Resulta que los de estn mandando una cartita a los usuarios con una IP fija.

    Ttulo (s, tiene ttulo la cart […]

    El Blog de Pablo Serrano

  98. Physics Day

    Yesterday. Yesterday was interesting.

    For physics class, we all went to Paramount Canada's Wonderland (this is […]


  99. 5/12 Tumor Humor

    Copied from “Cancer Has Its Privileges — Stories of Hope and Laughter” by Christine Clifford.

    Janelle van Beek

  100. No puedo pedir más

    o si?

    Plaza Constitución

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