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May 13, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Showdown at Google Gulch

    Let's do some browsing around the city of Baghdad, on Google Maps: […]

    Shii’s Rocky Middle Path

  2. Astonishing Twins

    Today i got an email from a friend about this twins. Whats very surprising about them as you can see in the pic below, […]

    j a m s h a i d

  3. The motherly instinct

    Yesterday I spent much of the day holding my mom's hand. It's the one communication channel left with […]

    Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger

  4. a fairy tale of depression and graphic violence: the muv-luv alternative controversy

    One of the first things that I wanted to blog when I started this site up in February was Muv-Luv Alternative. The […]


  5. Nick Lachey’s album release party at Mood.

    Nosy Snoop

  6. Weird flashing menus?

    I am having a weird problem with right click menus, often I get an annoying flicker effect when right clicking a menu. […]

    My Journey to Macintosh

  7. Playtech Academy

    Alles see oli kui Webmedia kuulutas vlja jrjekordse Suvepraktika. Loomulikult ei saanud Playtech neegrite otsimise ral […]


  8. Ten things every Microsoft Word user should know

    [Update: This article has been Dugg! If you're reading this, and about to flame about how OpenOffice or LaTeX is […]

    General Disarray

  9. OpenSUSE 10.1

    Teraz już oficjalnie: projektem, nad polską lokalizacją ktrego część zespołu AviaryPL pracowała od grudnia ub. […]


  10. SUSE 10.1: ATI Drivers Installation

    Got my SUSE Linux 10.1 up and runnin and already enjoying, though still got to go through all the customization. I will […]

    Linux and Open Source Blog

  11. Para One for all and all for Para One

    Para One is a brilliant young French producer from the Institubes posse (TTC, Tacteel, Surkin…) who is about to […]

    Keep It Coming

  12. Beaded Bag Sets

    Especially when it's a free pattern only available for one day! Here's a hint…if a pattern can't last […]

    What Not to Crochet

  13. histograms be damned

    If there is an ultimate irony in my personal universe, it is discovering a post by someone I’ve never met entitled […]

    Second Verse

  14. Farm Wrap – 5.12.06

    Been a while since one of these was necessary, which is to say the system hasn't been that interesting since the […]

    Prospect Insider

  15. Homeland Security Stole My Site!

    I'm looking at my Adsense earnings this morning and notice they're a little low. A little meaning like 10% of […]

    Grigori on Europe

  16. La caída de Edgar

    Tal vez la mayora ya lo ha visto, de todos modos aqu est: Edgar.


  17. Who is this brave man Ibrahim Bayau ( Keadilan) who is standing against Taib in Balingian

    Bernama Report by Noor Hayati Muda from Mukah asking who is the brave man Ibrahim Bayau who is standing against the […]

  18. The Sporting News Big 12 Preseason Players Of The Year are Adrian Peterson and Rufus Alexander

    Oklahoma's Adrian Peterson and Rufus Alexander have been tabbed The Sporting News Preseason Big 12 Players of the […]

    Oklahoma Sooners & NFL Blog

  19. Introducing the YoBF Boyz

    Scott Aniol is always complaining that fundamentalists are 25 years behind evangelicals when it comes to our music. […]

    My Two Cents

  20. L’iMac diventa portatile

    Se volete portarvi ovunque il vostro computer ma non avete intenzione di comprarne uno portatile allora (solo nel […]

    Mac Blog

  21. A little suprise…..

    Hey everybody! 😀

    How are you all doing? The reason I'm writing this post is about 14 may…. because then, […]

    Pomme & Kelly

  22. GP2X Emulator


  23. தேர்தல் முடிவு ஓர் அலசல் | TN election result analysis

    DMK+ = 151 | ADMK+ = 78 | DMDK=1 |

    Chella’s Audio Blog in Tamil

  24. Can I change colours and pictures on my blog?

    You can only change a theme to the extent that a theme author allows. You cannot edit themes, templates, add your own […]

    Frequently Asked Questions

  25. The Google Da Vinci Code Challenge Spoilers

    The Google Da Vinci Code challenge spoilers ahead. Dont read more, if you wanna work by yourself. This space will keep […]


  26. Peggy Kane – 10th May

    Hi Everyone,
    No I didn’t drop off the face of the Earth, and I’m not in hiding in the event that May comes […]


  27. Beck, Pharrell and Jay-Z – Frontin’ On Debra

    A couple of years back there was an almighty collision between two trucks, both filled to the brim with sunbeams. One […]

    Binky The Doormat

  28. Sony Reveal Dual Shock Features At The Last Minute

    It has now been revealed that Sony added both the PlayStation button which takes gamers online, and the tilt […]


  29. A Victim of “American Propaganda”

    I have heard some outrageous claims during my travels abroad.

    I once had a village full of Haitian kids try to […]

    The Asia Pages

  30. iTrip Mini – Universal Modification – Part 1

    As the iPod craze hit the world a few years ago I found myself one of those people like many others that went out and […]

    Josh Mason

  31. Set up your workspace (Exercise #12)

    I enjoyed following Lifehacker's The Coolest Workspace Contest. The winner, Ryan's Orange Simplicity, reminded […]

    Radical Mutual-Improvement

  32. Flashback

    A week ago the phone rang and it was the art teacher from Boulevard school. Maggie was supposed to stay after school […]

    Dear Elena

  33. Tiesto – In Search Of Sunrise 5, Los Angeles, USA


    Disc 1.

    1. Conil – Malibu Beach.
    This beautiful intro brings me right back to Malibu Beach, […]

    hyper-ballad’s blog

  34. I don’t speak Tamil – Skype to the rescue?

    I can’t speak or read Tamil. I also don’t speak any of the following languages: 1. Spanish 2. Mandarin 3. […]

    ICT for Peacebuilding

  35. La seconda serie di Lost online – Lost Season 2

    Lost è una serie Tv americana (con tanto di podcast online) che ha riscosso molto successo in Italia poichè trasmessa […]

    Dario Salvelli’s Blog

  36. cum puero bello praeconem qui uidet esse, quid credat, nisi se uendere discupere?

    Με σταμάτησε ένα ωραίο […]


  37. SPD Must Describe Procedures for Proving Benefit Entitlement

    If a multiemployer plan has a policy requiring an employee to prove entitlement to benefits in a situation where an […]

    Pensions & Benefits Weblog

  38. The Sony Lies Wall

    Really, there should be one of these for Nintendo and Microsoft, too, because both of those companies also have […]

    The Gaming Hobo

  39. NBA Comix: What Was Steve Nash Thinking?

    For my money, this picture of Nash in the locker room is pretty darn good.

  40. Scripting News for 5/11/2006

    New header graphic, 437 West Wilson St, Madison, WI.
    Mike Arrington says Google’s Notebook is a “flat-out c

    Scripting News Annex

  41. CHURUMURI POLL: Should we ban Da Vinci Code?

    Da Vinci Code, the Tom Hanks' movie based on the Dan Brown bestseller, has already run into trouble before its […]


  42. ?Cuanto Se Come Aqui?

    Δεν μ'ενδιαφέρει αν μία […]

    The McManus Sessions

  43. Homophobia

    How about we go on slitting each other’s throats because the world hasn’t got enough blood on its […]

    Chronicles Of A Utopian Writer

  44. ClearChannel fires Star, laughs all the way to the bank with a tax refund of $843 million

    If you were angry yesterday when you learned what now-fired ClearChannel radio host Troi Torain has been saying on air […]

    Civil Defense – a weblog by Joshua Breitbart

  45. Παντού υπάρχει…

    …ένα εξαιρετικό post!!!

    Rain and Tears

    Οσα παίρνει ο ANemos

  46. This game kicks ass

    Ok – I know at the moment it's also behaving a little ass-kicked, we're working on that.

    Last night I was […]

    kfsone’s pittance

  47. Lorelle is the Author of Lorelle on WordPress

    I found an interesting blog article and was cruising along, getting informed as I read it, and then stopped full stop […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  48. Reply To Dean On NSA Wiretaps

    Dean answered my previous post on the illegality of the NSA wiretaps. Find his answer here. The NSA wiretaps […]

    Unwilling Self-Negation

  49. TV SAT – FX dal 21 maggio, i programmi

    Avevo annunciato in questo blog gi diverso tempo fa la partenza del nuovo canale “tutto al maschile” FX nel bouquet sat […] Blog

  50. Class Action: Restaurant’s Hiring Is Fishy

    Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein has filed a class action against McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants […]

    Legal Pad

  51. N91: Play An Episode from Battlestar Galactica on your Nokia N91

    Ok, Some News.

    Some of you may know that like most people I am a fan of Battlestar Galactica and currently the […]


  52. Nintendo Should Partner with Apple

    Everyone has an iPod.  Therefore, everyone uses iTunes.  Judging from all the stories on Digg in the last couple […]

    Eli Dourado

  53. ¿Wii60?

    Hace unas horas, Peter Moore animó a la gente a comprar la Wii para hacer competencia a la PS3:
    Enlace del hilo en […]

    El Blog de Manu

  54. All my directors fuck me

    διάβασα το post (και τα […]

    james joyce

  55. Help Win This Bet

    You may have heard of this bet where some guy's girlfriend bet him that he wouldn't get 2 million hits on his […]


  56. Ρε ΜΑΛΑΚΑ Τσαγκαρουσιάνε…ανοιχτή επιστολή στον «Δήμαρχο»

    Εδώ κλικ για να […]


  57. In Response to a Popular Islam Basher

    Before I delve into the main subject of this post, let me make this clear: I am not a 'Muslim extremist’. I […]

    MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

  58. Heavily cited, but wrong

    | Nicolai Foss |

    Here is an example of the apparent irrationality of citation practices. The example concerns the […]

    Organizations and Markets

  59. Jordan planet @ Wikipedia

    well i dont know if this is a new article there but i didnt notice it before and it was last modified @ 17:28, 16 April […]


  60. In tune



  61. Identidade Brasileira na Moda – Anos 70

    O Milagre Brasileiro desencadeia uma atividade econmica acelerada e um mercado de consumo excitado que foram fundamenta […]

    Fashion Bubbles

  62. The other side !

    Jna Benn hinni hliinni dag.

    g auglsi hr me eftir hinni hliinni fr fleiri stelpum. mgulegt a geta ekki […]

    Magni er liðið, Grenivík er staðurinn!

  63. φλασιά νο. 7. Της πατούσας.

    επειδή βαριέμαι, και επειδή ο bruce δίνει σημασία στις πατούσες, και […]

    Life is a theatre of tragedy

  64. Holy smoke

    Take a stroll around the blog universe and some common themes begin to appear. Much attention is paid to the […]

    The Screaming Room

  65. Hausarbeiten schreiben ist out !?!

    In den letzten Tagen wurde ja einiges zum Thema Hausarbeiten verfasst. Zumindest in Bochum muss man dazu sagen, dass es […]

  66. Good Response To Polygamy Argument

    I rather like John Corvino’s response to the nonsensical “if you support same-sex marriage, then there’s no longer a […]

    Creative Destruction

  67. Inlåst i ett skåp

    Mitt favorit-syskonpar som tidigare figurerat hr lekte och stojade vid kassan (i vanlig ordning) nr den ldre systern […]


  68. A.M. Rosenthal

    Posted to on May 11, 2006
    Former NY Timesman A.M. Rosenthal died yesterday at the age of 84. Not […]

    Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

  69. Taking a break!

    As you notice, I took all my links off my blog again… and ask that if you link to me, unlink or the time being… […]

    Jen’s Bent Mind

  70. A Cartoon Break (Or Why I Want The President To Leave My Child Behind)

    chartreuse (BETA)

  71. Die Bildzeitung, Nicole und wie man sich noch mehr entblöden kann

    Ich hab es mir ja schon fast gedacht, es geht noch schlimmer. Im Artikel Die Bildzeitung, Nicole und die Bldheit an sic […]

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

  72. More Sufjan

    Let's indulge with more songs:

    tracks from Avalanche
    MP3: Sufjan Stevens – Springfield
    MP3: […]

    Ian is an iceberg

  73. Um Tupolev Tu-160 modificado penetra no espaço aéreo americano sem ser detectado

    A Rssia confessou ter feito voar sobre o espao areo dos EUA o seu Tupolev Tu-160 actualizado, segundo a agncia russa […]


  74. Ouran High School Host Club 01 – Welcome to the homo-homo club, dear gay binbou

    Probably upon seeing this, most people thought 'Great, just what we needed, another blog covering Ouran, as if […]

    Die, Fanboys!

  75. CS League Matches: No. of Maps per Week increased.

    Since there are 5 teams in the NCPL, each clan will play 4 matches per week instead of 2 as posted earlier in the NCPL […]

    Neomatrix Gaming Network – Blog

  76. Starting work on new search functionality for eZ publish based on Lucene

    After exploring various options for improving the search functionality in eZ publish, I finally settled for Lucene … […]

    Life can be beautiful


    It’s a little late for Lipstick but perhaps Mrs. Peel will be helped by this Nugget ‘o Wisdom:


    Innocent Bystanders

  78. How to reply to all email messages within 24 hours, consistently

    Do you ever get frustrated when someone does not reply to your messages within 24 hours? Isn't it fun to work with […]

    Email Overloaded

  79. Greetings Infoworld readers

    And thanks to Jon Udell for taking an interest in my comments on Microsoft's not-so-new LINQ technology. I think […]

    Laszlo on Rails

  80. Advertencia de FT: ¿Saldrá España del euro..?

    Ante la cumbre UE / Amrica de Viena, Espaa parece “ausente” como actor, abandonada en apariencia su antig […]


  81. Si hay que quejarse, se queja

    Uno de los temas que ms atrae del 'Open Source' es poder colaborar en que un programa llegue a buen puerto. Cua […]

  82. FNK-P: Nem Conselho, Nem Disciplina

    J pudemos dar-nos conta, no que diz respeito FNK-P, que a sua maneira de funcionar e pensar consiste em deixar de fun […]


  83. The Apostle John and Polycarp were fundamentalists

    Polycarp was a fundamentalist, and so, it seems, was the Apostle John, as recounted by Irenaeus. This selection is from […]


  84. A gene for each thought

    As the community — and thought — about imaging genetics grows, new studies are emerging. These studies focus on the […]


  85. Deconstructing Flickr’s “Interestingness!”

    Since Flickr is one of the most well-known Web 2.0 sites it is worth taking a look at what they do if for no other […]

    Wesley Hein’s Web 2.0

  86. नारद जी की छड़ी

    प्रिय मित्रो, अवकाश के बाद पुनः आपके […]


  87. Remembering the romance

    It was a day in college I remember. Being in the Students’ Union, killing time at the Union room, ordering chai […]

    BoHeMiAn RhApSoDy

  88. Ergo Proxy

    I could have posted on introducing myself, blah blah blah, but this is an anime blog and I have to talk about […]


  89. Morgunkaffi með menntamálaráherra

    Jb haldi i ekki a g hafi bara drukki kaffi me menntamlarherra morgunn. Hn kom heimskn til okkar hrna […]

    Léttara líf

  90. Que foda do caralho!!

    Vejam e apreciem. Sem mais palavras…
    Clique Aqui: VIDEO DE GRANDE FODA!! 

    Muitas Mulheres Boas Nuas

  91. Screenshot MasTa

    Da mir das jetzige Screenshot-Verfahren zu umstndlich wurde (in Paint pasten, save as, usw.), habe ich mir ein eigenes […]

    ShowMasTa’s News Flash

  92. Cool Tag(s) 🙂

    Hey I’ve been tag by my friend Abo 5az3al (sam) in dubai and im responding 🙂 here is the Post he taged me in: Tag but […]




    According to Kathimerini, the general public has been surprised at the furore over the candidacy […]


  94. When you’ve got like one nerve left, you don’t want someone to get on it!!!!

    Morgninum var eytt KR-heimilinu enn eina ferina. Eins og hin skiptin var sama yfirsetukonan sem talai mkrafnin […]

    “Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.”

  95. El nuevo Google Trends es un Zeitgeist con esteroides

    A pesar de tener un servicio llamado as desde diciembre, Google ha anunciado otro Google Trends bajo el paraguas de Goo […]

    Ondas, cables, luces, cacharritos y cachivaches

  96. Yet another reminder of why we don’t want government running things

    I'm not repeating anything new when I say that, European-like, liberals' idea of a perfect world is one where […]

    Bookworm Room

  97. A Shout Out to Blogging Baby

    I'm a nerd. I read Blogging Baby every single day. I read it for the tips. I read it to make myself feel good just […]

    The Chronicles of Munchkin Land

  98. Maskuoti “Keliukai”

    Štai tokį įdomų laišką gavau šiandien…

    Sąrašas automobilių, kurie turi […]

    Dienoraštis by Aphex 🙂

  99. Talking Heads

    Música de los 80 y los 90

  100. B-DAY Smile!

    The 'Licious Smile

    Originally uploaded by Mocha!.

    This is how I will be smiling come tomorrow, especially […]

    My Life is…Mochalicious!

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