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May 12, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Showdown at Google Gulch

    Let's do some browsing around the city of Baghdad, on Google Maps: […]

    Shii’s Rocky Middle Path

  2. Bad news gets worse

    Today sucked.

    Today the doctors sat us down and gave us the news my brothers and I had a sense was coming, but […]

    Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger

  3. The Google Da Vinci Code Challenge Spoilers

    The Google Da Vinci Code challenge spoilers ahead. Dont read more, if you wanna work by yourself. This space will keep […]


  4. histograms be damned

    If there is an ultimate irony in my personal universe, it is discovering a post by someone I’ve never met entitled […]

    Second Verse

  5. Sony Reveal Dual Shock Features At The Last Minute

    It has now been revealed that Sony added both the PlayStation button which takes gamers online, and the tilt […]


  6. Astonishing Twins

    Today i got an email from a friend about this twins. Whats very surprising about them as you can see in the pic below, […]

    j a m s h a i d

  7. Beaded Bag Sets

    Especially when it's a free pattern only available for one day! Here's a hint…if a pattern can't last […]

    What Not to Crochet

  8. the melancholy of haruhi fujioka 6

    Sadly, this episode wasn’t up to the usual Ouran standard. I only laughed about as many times during this episode as I […]


  9. Chris Snelling – Something Cool

    Yeah, I know, This was supposed to be a discussion on potential trade partners for the M's with Gil Meche and Joel […]

    Prospect Insider

  10. A little suprise…..

    Hey everybody! 😀

    How are you all doing? The reason I'm writing this post is about 14 may…. because then, […]

    Pomme & Kelly

  11. The Sporting News Big 12 Preseason Players Of The Year are Adrian Peterson and Rufus Alexander

    Oklahoma's Adrian Peterson and Rufus Alexander have been tabbed The Sporting News Preseason Big 12 Players of the […]

    Oklahoma Sooners & NFL Blog

  12. Peggy Kane – 10th May

    Hi Everyone,
    No I didn’t drop off the face of the Earth, and I’m not in hiding in the event that May comes […]


  13. SPD Must Describe Procedures for Proving Benefit Entitlement

    If a multiemployer plan has a policy requiring an employee to prove entitlement to benefits in a situation where an […]

    Pensions & Benefits Weblog

  14. 20% – The Web Is on Fire!

    We did it!

    According to, one and a half year after releasing version 1.0, Firefox has a 20% market share […]


  15. CHONG CHIENG JEN (DAP) promised he will fight and expose BN failings .

    NANCY NAIS spoke to DAP’s Chong Chieng Jen.


  16. Ashlee Simpson’s nose job – before and after.

    Nosy Snoop

  17. Google Trends: Ubuntu is Googled more than Microsoft Windows!

    Today, Google Uk has a new link, Google Trends. It allows you to enter some search terms, and see how the volume of […]

    Linux for human beings?

  18. Let’s get something straight here

    You've heard about the PS3 controller by now (which Joystiq has creatively named the “Dual Shake”). You know that […]

    The Gaming Hobo

  19. Beck, Pharrell and Jay-Z – Frontin’ On Debra

    A couple of years back there was an almighty collision between two trucks, both filled to the brim with sunbeams. One […]

    Binky The Doormat

  20. SUSE 10.1 Final Version Officially Available for Download

    What a beautiful day, 11th of May … at last, couldn't wait any longer.
    The “Final” version of SUSE Linux 10.1 […]

    Linux and Open Source Blog

  21. Windows Media Player 11 – The OTHER album art aware app!

    So after making the post on CoverFlow yesterday I remembered that Windows Media Player 11 comes with a pretty nice […]

    My Journey to Macintosh

  22. The Answer Sheet

    What are you betting on?


    chartreuse (BETA)

  23. Kamerka internetowa

    Chyba będę musiał sobie zakupić takie cacko. Z drugiej strony monitora można zaobserwować dużo bardzo ciekawych r […]

    Rabbi’s blog

  24. How do I make a Site Index?

    Here’s the quick, nontechnical method:

    If you don’t have CATEGORIES included in your sidebar, go to your Sidebar […]

    Frequently Asked Questions

  25. ClearChannel fires Star, laughs all the way to the bank with a tax refund of $843 million

    If you were angry yesterday when you learned what now-fired ClearChannel radio host Troi Torain has been saying on air […]

    Civil Defense – a weblog by Joshua Breitbart

  26. Paradise in a garage

    To put it bluntly, Rhino’s brand new Larry Levan / Paradise Garage 2-disc compilation is even better than A Tom Moulton […]

    Keep It Coming

  27. Head Automatica and Brightcove.

    WBR has launched a new site for the band, Head Automatica.

    Here is Ethan Kaplan's, tech guru for, post […]


  28. What Does My Name Mean?

    I agree with most of these. Not too bad … CAROLINE C is for Charismatic […]

    Caroline’s Kitty Corner

  29. N91: Play An Episode from Battlestar Galactica on your Nokia N91

    Ok, Some News.

    Some of you may know that like most people I am a fan of Battlestar Galactica and currently the […]


  30. UCLA’s Ed Kezirian uses towel waving, ergonomic magnets, Dianetics, tai chi to will Bruins to slightly better than […]

    [This is an actual person who really does this thing, written about by actual reporters from an actual university's […]

    It’s a Definite Maybe

  31. Red Sox Nation, Forums, and Perspectives of Fundamentalism

    Boston's sports radio station, WEEI, is the highest rated sports station in the country. WEEI is the home of the […]


  32. Playtech Academy

    Alles see oli kui Webmedia kuulutas vlja jrjekordse Suvepraktika. Loomulikult ei saanud Playtech neegrite otsimise ral […]


  33. NBA Comix: Inside the Headlines with Larry Bird and the Indiana Pacers

    Sometimes these things write themselves. The photographer who took the chair photo is pretty good!

  34. How bad do I suck?

    Ass-umption. The mother of a … well you know what. Well the servers should be golden now, but I hate when you're […]

    kfsone’s pittance

  35. Trusted Computing

    Mac Blog

  36. math-core

    18 χρονών και νομίζα πως […]

    james joyce

  37. Win iPod Nano in Chat Nap Contest

    Be the first person to reach 50 wins and win an iPod 2G Nano!
    Chat Nap is the game where you try and catch your […]

    Dan Zen

  38. Scripting News for 5/11/2006

    New header graphic, 437 West Wilson St, Madison, WI.
    Mike Arrington says Google’s Notebook is a “flat-out c

    Scripting News Annex

  39. Εχω φορτώσει πάρα πολύ…

    Εδώ και μέρες!

    Απλώς […]

    Οσα παίρνει ο ANemos

  40. Κι ἐμπιστευόμασταν ὅτι τὰ χαρακτηριστικὰ θὰ προκύψουν καὶ […]

    “Δεν μπορώ να ζήσω χωρίς […]


  41. Flottastar???

    Ingi Hrannar hinni hliinni

    “Fallegasta knattspyrnukonan? Ekki hgt a gera upp milli gellana […]

    Magni er liðið, Grenivík er staðurinn!

  42. Inlåst i ett skåp

    Mitt favorit-syskonpar som tidigare figurerat hr lekte och stojade vid kassan (i vanlig ordning) nr den ldre systern […]


  43. TOP SECRET: Who will take on Brijesh Patel?

    Brijesh Patel has had a free run ever since he dislodged C. Nagaraj as the secretary of the Karnataka State Cricket […]


  44. More Sufjan

    Let's indulge with more songs:

    tracks from Avalanche
    MP3: Sufjan Stevens – Springfield
    MP3: Sufjan Stevens – […]

    Ian is an iceberg

  45. JP Citizen? really?

    Well, yes im a jordan planet citizen, but since when? i figured out it was yesterday..

    Dar wrote me a comment in […]


  46. Hombres desnudos: El sueño

    Encontr ms fotos en——> Hombres desnudos espectaculares


  47. Είσαι πολύ κακός άνθρωπος τελικά,

    ρε συ Ζακυνθινέ!

    Και […]

    The McManus Sessions

  48. Hard-Core Republicans Are Fleeing President

    It's Getting Hard to be President.

    The Washington Post is reporting Bush and Congress are suffering a […]

    African American Political Pundit

  49. CakePHP screencasts

    Today, two CakePHP screencasts have been published. The first one features step 2 of building the cake bakery, and the […]

    cake baker

  50. ‘Taliban Regrouping’. But Why?

    Reports suggest that the Taliban are getting more organized as the weather gets warmer in Afghanistan. Admitting this, […]

    MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

  51. Jews During Holocaust Reviled For Being “Muslim”

    In the Nazi concentration camps, there were unfortunate Jews who lost all the will to survive.

    They were called by th […]

    Unwilling Self-Negation

  52. Запущен Google Trends

    Вчера был запущен Google Trends. Это ещё один аналитический инструмент ( […]

    Web 2.0 – Что нового?

  53. Google Desktop 4

    Google Desktop Download

    w/ Google Gadgets. 그럴줄알았지.
    When you move files, Google Desktop now updates your […]

  54. Die Bildzeitung, Nicole und wie man sich noch mehr entblöden kann

    Ich hab es mir ja schon fast gedacht, es geht noch schlimmer. Im Artikel Die Bildzeitung, Nicole und die Bldheit an sic […]

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

  55. Blastwave free… !!

    Yes, thats right. After weeks of messing around with source code from opensource sites I’ve decided to remove blastwave […]

    OpenSolaris – UNIX OBSESSED

  56. Mulher asiática a levar na cona!!

    Que foda gostosa… Esta mulher tem umas tetas geniais…. Sabrina Sato


    Muitas Mulheres Boas Nuas

  57. Kaesong Industrial Park: Would You Go?

    I have been the target of an unusual mistake.

    Somehow I have gotten onto the mailing list of a certain well-known […]

    The Asia Pages

  58. Preliminares

    dos signos do Zodaco

    CARNEIRO: No tem tempo para preliminares.

    TOURO: Comea e continua… Continua… Continua. […]


  59. Heavily cited, but wrong

    | Nicolai Foss |

    Here is an example of the apparent irrationality of citation practices. The example concerns the […]

    Organizations and Markets

  60. ¡¡¡¡ Entradas para Shakira en Málaga ya a la venta !!!!

    Post escrito por Elena:

    Ya se han puesto a la venta, al menos en “El Corte Ingls”, las entradas de
    Shakira para el […]


  61. Montage Maison Weberhaus

    Et voici et voila… Cela faisait un petit moment que j'en parlais. Une vido d'un montage de Maison Ossature Bo […]

    Construire: Un peu de folie…

  62. Lisp Without Parentheses

    Well it’s impossible to remove all of the parentheses in Lisp, but I can think of several methods to eliminate the […]

    On Scheme

  63. Fat

    I’ve been planning on doing the Illustration Friday topic of the week – Fat – for a few days now. I’d thought that […]


  64. Why Warner Brothers May End Up Killing BitTorrent

    A nerdly angry post today. One thing that never fails to make me angry (I've posted about it before) is when big […]

    Angry 365 Days a Year

  65. The Warehouse

    Over the past eight months, Amanda and I have been slowly […]

    Karns Quality Blog

  66. Era uma vez um…

    Ele nasceu pequeno, mirradinho, esquelético. Era só osso e carne, feio de dar dó o coitado. Carecia de tudo mas […]

    Blog do Aurélio (Verde)

  67. Romantic Ninjas

    After weeks of searching, I finally found it last night – the DVD for the romantic martial arts tale of Shinobi – Heart […]

    Laksa Diaries

  68. Legal Fallout From Immigration Marches Starts

    The Legal Aid Society of San Francisco- Employment Law Center announced on Wednesday it was representing a Stockton […]

    Legal Pad

  69. All hail to dear old Texas A&M

    I spent a Sunday morning after church taking pictures around campus, and thought I'd share some with y'all, […]

    Innocent Bystanders

  70. “…Or Does It Explode?”

    Looks like those discussions of whether we should encourage Ruby on Rails to go mainstream or not were obselete from […]

    Laszlo on Rails

  71. $10 OFF One Day Sale! Cafepress Coupon Code

    For 24 hours only, Cafe Press has a rare sale that can save you 10 dollars on custom made, personalized t-shirts, […]

    CAFEPRESS COUPONS CODES & DEALS – CafePress Coupons for, CafePress Coupon Codes and Discounts Promotional Codes

  72. Rule number 1!

    I always believed that when you are down or sad,
    you tend to get too emotional about it.

    So my rule number 1 after […]

    The House of Zen

  73. CineQuiz #3

    Ritorna il quiz per gli appassionati di cinema: come per i precedenti due appuntamenti, le immagini sono tratte dai quiz […] Blog

  74. Was that really neccessary?

    No doubt you would have heard in the news by now that there was a bit of stress at Camp Sovereignty last night. After […]

    camp sovereignty

  75. Working Girls and Boys

    Just because some socialites attend numerous galas, opening of such fine dining establishments as Mr. Chow’s and […]

  76. White Horse Inn 5-7-06: Imputation

    Once again, the 2006 National Pastors Convention has provided further evidence of rank maleducation among evangelical […]

    This Mortal Life

  77. GP2X Emulator


  78. Toys “R” Us Taking PlayStation 3 Preorders

    – Toys “R” Us is the first major retailer to begin taking PlayStation 3 preorders. Preorders are not being taken on […]

    Playstation 3 bLog

  79. Ryle & Tozer on Easy-Believism

    In my review of the 5th chapter of Ryle's Holiness, I quoted the following statement:
    “Impatient hurry is […]

    My Two Cents

  80. A Fundamentalism Not Worth Saving

    I am a self-identified fundamentalist. I am one by conviction. As I understand its history, fundamentalism became a […]

    Bowing Down

  81. Wytworny Kaczor na mojej maszynie…

    A jednak stało się…wytworny kaczor – flight 7 Ubuntu 6.06 zagościł dziś, a własciwie już wczoraj na mojej maszy […]

    “Ubuntu w jednym palcu…”

  82. learning as I go…

    In all seriousness, the post below about my son being stubborn, calling in a mediator, such as the police, was the […]

    Jen’s Bent Mind

  83. Tears. Eyes. Crying. Laughing. Can’t. Stop.

    ah lord and baby jesus, that is funny.

    so, in reading this moderately humorous post about the 'redesigning' […]

    Addicting Entertainment

  84. Liveblogging the Primo Webinar

    I will continually be updating this post during the webinar. Tamar Sadeh is leading the seminar. If you miss the […]


  85. Malaysian MPs these days

    [This is going to be one long post before the holidays and my 2nd trip to Bangkok next week]
    Before we start, […]

    BJ Thoughts

  86. :

    Η σελδα 439 του Κδικα Ντ& […]

  87. the deplorable word

    Did you miss me? I was busy rushing to complete another crappy theme to add to the four million already out there. […]

    wordpress™ wank

  88. Abolire i costi di ricarica dei cellulari

    Quella dei costi di ricarica dei cellulari è una stranezza (come tante altre) tutta Italiana in Europa. Qualcosa si […]

    Dario Salvelli’s Blog

  89. CS League Update: Demise beats Shock [16-14] in Dust2

    It was a good match between Demise and ShocK today. Demise won de_dust2 [16-14]. Good gaming all.

    Scoresheet has […]

    Neomatrix Gaming Network – Blog

  90. Personal Projects

    Julieanne Kost was afraid to fly. It led to her starting a hobby which led to her book “Window Seat”. She started to […]

    Dear Elena

  91. Britney Fat-Bashed at Celeb Site

    This video shows Britney Spears practicing dance moves for a new song of hers. The video is unremarkable. It shows a […]

    Creative Destruction

  92. AIM Pages Launched

    Updated: changed some stuff around after playing with Pages a bit longer. AIM Pages, the mythical “MySpace Killer” […]

    the j. botter weblog

  93. Trim

    I can't remember who it was that told me many years ago: “Son. You don't go into a whorehouse for a haircut.” […]

    The Screaming Room

  94. Down to the last letter.

    al-Salāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāh,
    Arabic linguists of the past examined the semantic connotations of Arabic […]

    Arabic Gems ~ جواهر العربية

  95. El nuevo Google Trends es un Zeitgeist con esteroides

    A pesar de tener un servicio llamado as desde diciembre, Google ha anunciado otro Google Trends bajo el paraguas de Goo […]

    Ondas, cables, luces, cacharritos y cachivaches

  96. Banning International Adoption from Korea

    Hats off to Rich of Familee Life for writing about an article in the Korea Herald that talks about banning […]

    Made in Korea

  97. What Do You Think?

    Koreans Build Robot

    The Korea Institute for Industrial Technology has created a humanoid robot that […]

    the YANGPA

  98. Buyer Beware…or Beware of Buyer

    The Ottawa Sun has stumbled upon the story about the Web site that apparently buys Nortel shares at a premium. Of […]

    All Nortel, All the Time

  99. Friday Fun: Advanced Shoelace Tying, Edible Insects and a Brain Tour

    Here is this week's Friday Fun, and three vastly different sites:


    ATV’s Page

  100. Ranking für Richter

    Die grte und einflussreichste amerikanische Anwaltskammer American Bar Association beurteilt schon seit Jahrzehnten di […]

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