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  1. NFR Insider

  2. The IF List Blog

    News on film production, emerging actors, and the stories that inspire them
  3. the NEW EXODUS

    Where God's Story Meets Your Story
  4. Fostering Foundations

    a loving home for every child
  5. all our lemmony things

    for when life hands you lemons
  6. Encouraging Growth


    Ang pahayagan ng mamamayan... Pinagkakatiwalaan... Pinaniniwalaan.
  8. A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe

    Early medievalist's thoughts and ponderings, by Jonathan Jarrett
  9. Bryant News

    Bryant News as it happens FIRST!
  10. Prisoner of Hope

    "But now, thus says the Lord, your Creator, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel, “Do not fear, for I have …
  11. DO something

    a thought catalog
  12. Bombers Beat

    Inside the New York Yankees clubhouse with beat writer Bryan Hoch.

    Never underestimate the power of a question
  14. Black Millennial Musings

    because Blackness.
  15. Tuấn Khanh's Blog

    Nơi lưu trữ và cập nhật các bài viết, hình ảnh từ Tuấn Khanh (ns)
  16. BiTri

    Prognósticos só no final do jogo
  17. Fishes' Third Leg

    A fine site
  18. Seth Miller's Site

    Real questions by real people.
  19. Hippie To Missionary

    One man's unexpected journey.
  20. the ultimate hustle is multiple hustles

  21. Eunice with a Double S

    The Crossbreed of Witty and Corny
  22. A Journey Like No Other

    It is just within reach........
  23. The Roundabout Way

  24. DIY Synthesizer

    Just another weblog
  25. 6002SKY

    ~With Chunsas. Share love. Create memories~
  26. Socially | Effective

    @bh_social | Social Media, Popular Culture, Sports, Fatherhood, Husband'ing, Westies and More
  27. Hot Mess Mom- the Comic!

  28. Numbered Days

    Behold, You have made my days a few handbreaths...
  29. CaféGarima

    Cooking across cultures and chit chatting ...
  30. Welcome to the new!

    Still under construction! Should be complete by January 1, 2015.
  31. Road to Relovery

    dating might suck. but you don't.

  33. East Kingdom Gazette

    Covering the Eastern Realm of the SCA
  34. myownstormypetrelwords

    thoughts from Atlanta
  35. Karim's Blog

    will blog anything for the betterment
  36. don of all trades

    Master of none...
  37. #LoveBelfast

    Ultimate day to day guide to Belfast, N.Ireland
  38. Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

    I don't break news, I fix it.
  39. Zoo-Logical

    Ramblings of a Zoologist, An Animal Among Animals
  40. Chicago Addick

    The online home of Chicago Addick now residing in Bermuda
  41. Ramblings of a Teacher

    With not even a hint of cohesion between posts
  42. The Whiskey Wash

    Covering great whiskies one bottle at a time
  43. EC Bakes 小意思

    Join me on my quest of making homemade treats with less sugar!
  44. A view from the North

    A fine site containing the views of a criminal barrister. What those views will be, only time will tell. …
  45. Nerd to Knight

    A fictional blog about real life heroism. And Swords. Written by Catch Tilly
  46. Bubbles Fanzine

  47. Got the Cancers

    A profanity laced, humorous look at my new life with Cancer
  48. Love Haqtually

    The weird and wonderful world of being Muslim
  49. Optimal Human Modulation

    Your Space to Defrag
  50. survivingendometriosis

    My battle with endometriosis.
  51. CAISA Fashion Show

    Ontario's largest student-run charity fashion show. Raised over $170,000 to Children's Health Foundation.
  52. Typical City

    A Manchester City Blog
  53. rationalinsurgent

    Dedicated to spreading knowledge about nonviolent resistance
  54. Olivia's Teen Beauty Blog

  55. indent

    "When you know better, you do better" Maya Angelou
  56. Naciste para brillar y ahora brillas mas que nunca.

    Blog dedicado a mi hijo David
  57. news24web


    it's this or get a real job
  59. Rangers Youths

    News & Reports on Rangers Youth Teams
  60. Jalan Sendiri ke Jepang

    Katanya ke jepang harus pakai tour? Masak sih?
  61. mangatune - One Piece 769 Manga

    Read One Piece 769 in this One Piece manga blog. This is Bleach Manga 607 chapter scans online.
  62. Weekend Geek

    Fun geeky things to do at the weekend
  63. parentingthecore

    A Parent's Thoughts on Education in the Era of Reform
  64. Welshbiz WordPress Blog

    Welsh Business: News, Marketing & Advice
  65. Mr. Q's View


    contemporary fantasy and paranormal romance author
  67. The Belle Jar

    "Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences." - Sylvia Plath
  68. Change From Within

    Musings by Jamie Utt
  69. UTA NEWS

    Department of Communication, The University of Texas at Arlington
  70. Eastern Will County News

  71. Panini America Dragon Ball Z

    The Official Blog for Panini America's Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game
  72. Staying Healthy

    The greatest site in all the land!
  73. Economics for public policy

    Miles Corak writes on economics that matters
  74. The Boxing View by Matt Bevan

    An insight into the top domestic action and international fights
  75. Portal do Budismo

    Budismo, Coisas Positivas da Vida e do Mundo
  76. A Potter's View

    A Potter's Perspective on Life, the Church, and Culture
  77. golazo argentino

    Argentine football news
  78. COMC Blog

    The Safe and Easy Way to Buy and Sell Collectibles
  79. Training for Coastal Challenge with Rory Coleman

  80. Politics and Insights - kittysjones

    Politics and Insights
  81. Teachable Moments

  82. bloggingforbrantley

  83. Ashlynn Ivy

    Enough about me. Let's talk about books and dinosaurs and music and food.
  84. NIH Director's Blog

  85. Portobello Community

    Our home by the Otago Harbour
  86. Over 200 Years of Student Success

    495 Jarvis St. Toronto, ON M4Y 2G8 T: (416) 393-0140 F: (416) 393-0184
  87. Well That Was Different

  88. Wide of the Mark

    A quirky take on pop culture with Mark Dutelle
  89. Korean Wave Indonesia

    The Friendliest Newsbase For Korean Wave Fans in Indonesia
  90. Small Fiber Neuropathy

    Living Well
  91. Blåsvarta Baksmällan

    Siriussnack - dagen efter.
  92. Une petite place dans mon sac à dos ☮

    Because I'd rather change hearts than turn heads
  93. Flash Hard Cricket

    More words about cricket

    Happy 1st Birthday ANP!
  95. ulmaok

  96. voetencrisis

    Batman, Grant Morrison, Comics, News
  97. The Tina Turner Blog

    Tina Turner news, video, audio, photos and articles
  98. yobby

    words are a weapon, fashion them with wisdom
  99. Blume Where You Are Planted

    Our adoption journey
  100. Scott Woods Makes Lists

    Everything but laundry and groceries.

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