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  1. Watts Up With That?

    The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change
  2. The Last Refuge

    Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits - Contact Info:
  3. TellyReviews

    The weekly reviews of your favorite Telly shows
  4. Get The Picture

    Bloviation for the Dawgnation
  5. Game Development Blog

  6. The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

    All Things The Simpsons Tapped Out for the Tapped Out Addict in All of Us
  7. Blue Silver Translations

    Translating Douluo Dalu by Tang Jia San Shao
  8. prima o poi l'amore arriva. E t'incula.

  9. KoreanIndo

    Korean Waves in Indonesia
  10. Bad Melee

  11. My Nintendo News

    Wii U and Nintendo 3DS news
  12. we hunted the mammoth

    the new misogyny, tracked and mocked
  13. johnjamessite

  14. Youjinsite Translations

    Some web novel translations
  15. Captain Awkward

    Advice. Staircase Wit. Faux Pas. Movies.
  16. Lisa Haven News

    Christian, End Time, and Conspiracy News!
  17. Raising the Dead

    Fan translations.
  18. The daily script by Dr Tlaleng

    Health ~ Vitality ~ Longevity
  19. Memory Hole

    Reflections on Media and Politics | © Memory Hole Blog / James F. Tracy 2012-2015
  20. Rebirth Online World

    Home of Original Works
  21. Natchitoches Parish Journal

    News, Sports and Information for Natchitoches Parish
  22. Family Guy Addicts

    All Things Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff For the Family Guy Addict in All of Us!
  23. Small House Bliss

    Small house designs with big impact
  24. FOX 12 Weather Blog

    Portland, Oregon and southwest Washington weather from the FOX 12 Weather team.
  25. Why Evolution Is True

  26. Dreams of Jianghu

    Novel Translations

    story about life, love, family and friendship
  28. JYJ3

    The Return of JYJ!

    Por una Verdad Histórica
  30. Climate Etc.

  31. Xant & Minions

    Do Weeaboos Dream Of Tsundere Sheep?
  32. thejudge13

    F1: Daily International News roundup, inside whispers and insight together with thoughts and opinion
  33. Walkersvillemom

    Writing on "Joshisms," Down syndrome advocacy, and #JusticeForEthan
  34. Diane Ravitch's blog

    A site to discuss better education for all
  35. btsdiary

  36. Another angry woman

    Thoughts and rants from another angry woman
  37. visual ioner

    A blog dedicated Japan and Japanese music.
  38. Rainbow Turtle Translations

    A site dedicated to machine translating Korean novels
  39. Yoraikun Translation

  40. #alinaceusanstories

    be the kind of person you would like to meet
  41. New Eden Express

    The latest news from across the universe
  42. The Grip

    Get a Grip and get the good stuff
  43. claytoonz

    Nationally Syndicated Editorial Cartoonist
  44. Q2Q Comics

    A Webcomic About Theatre Tech. Updated Mon Wed Fri. It's Tech Week Somewhere
  45. Africans Press

    Africans Press Serving South Sudan and the world
  46. Positive Outlooks Blog

    A sanctuary to promote positive thinking, offer inspiration and spiritual growth.
  47. The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

    THE blog for all things Tapped Out!
  48. Iglesia Ni Cristo - Silent No More by Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista

    This is the new official blog of Antonio Ebangelista
  49. daoseekerblog

  50. Prince Law Offices, P.C.

  51. Moving sites!

    New site:
  52. Elijah J M | ايليا ج مغناير

    Middle East Politics
  53. The Obama Diary

    President Barack Obama ... photos, videos & a word or two
  54. These Football Times

  55. joeblogsf1

    The real stories from inside the F1 paddock
  56. Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

    Niccolo Machiavelli--I love my country.

    Become Your Greatest Version
  58. विनोदका अक्षरहरु

  59. Refugee Resettlement Watch

  60. Political Vel Craft

    Veil Of Politics
  61. TMI Source

    Your source for Shadowhunters and Cassandra Clare

    “We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We …
  63. Orange Mushroom's Blog

    Your guide to the new and exciting things in MapleStory and MapleStory 2!
  64. I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog

  65. Setsu's PAD Blog

    Puzzle & Dragons NA
  66. Essentially Awakened

    Supporting Wellness, Enriching Emotions
  67. Rebellious Mom

  68. ~Taffy Translations~

  69. Cute Puppy Love

    All the Cute Stuff You Love to See Everyday!
  70. Shinsori

    A death so cold it became silver
  71. Infinite Novel Translations

    The world of Japanese Novels
  72. UndercoverInfo

    online investigative research & satire
  73. A Little Birdy Told.Me

    Social Currentcy | The value of viral information.
  74. Sarah Ockwell-Smith............Parenting Expert

  75. Amal Clooney Style

    A blog about Amal's news & style
  76. the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

    OEW: an Objective approach to the Elliott Wave Theory
  77. wolfietranslation

  78. What Jessica Baked Next...

  79. satuMALUKU

  80. The Extinction Protocol

    Geologic and Earthchange News events
  81. For What It's Worth

    Greenwich, Connecticut real estate, politics, etc.
  82. The Justice Blog

  83. Adventures of a Labor Nurse

    The Highs and Lows of Labor and Delivery
  84. Nästan för lycklig

  85. Jon Rappoport's Blog

  86. Majalah Pria Dewasa

    Sooperboy Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Male Magazine, Popular Magazine, FHM Magazine Dll.
  87. By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

    The greatest Mormon blog in the universe.
  88. Megan Bugg's Journey

    Megan Bugg's journey through cancer as told by her father.
  89. 87 percent translation

  90. fivestarspecialists

  91. shehryar khawar

    Creativity Poetry Writing Drawing Painting Photography Short Stories & Ideas

    Indian Television Ultimate News Sharing Site
  93. Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

    Tracking events and trends in Israel, Russia and the epicenter
  94. beehugger


    "When you've been granted the privilege of being heard, take great care of that power and watch every word!"
  96. WNTK Breaking News

  97. Sage of Kanchi

    World's Largest Mahaperiyava Temple
  98. whtjdejr9

    4 out of 5 dentists recommend this site
  99. blogileht

  100. Ming Thein | Photographer

    reframing the world one picture at a time

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