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  1. Alexis DeCarvalho

  2. Lady Goo Goo Gaga

    This is not my mother's motherhood.....

    Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony
  4. permava

  5. Glamrs

  6. whatweseee

  7. NoviceTranslator

  8. TellyReviews

    The weekly reviews of your favorite Telly shows
  9. Raised in a Barn

    An industry that feeds us, is an industry worth caring about.
  10. Watts Up With That?

    The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change
  11. Game Development Blog

  12. Kaylee Craft

  13. KoreanIndo

    Korean Waves in Indonesia
  14. The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

    All Things The Simpsons Tapped Out for the Tapped Out Addict in All of Us
  15. The Last Refuge

    Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits - Contact Info:
  16. Joshua Rogers

    Finding God in the Ordinary

    Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken
  18. Thyaeria Translations

    Translating raw novels into English...
  19. Fermented News

    Breaking fake news since 2014
  20. Cecils Pride

    News Blog and Resource Page To Fight Poaching World Wide
  21. My Nintendo News

    Wii U and Nintendo 3DS news
  22. Blue Silver Translations

    Translating Douluo Dalu by Tang Jia San Shao
  23. 書 政 shuzheng

    Political Papers
  24. Bir Yol Haritası Olarak Astroloji

    by JUNO ''Kendi Halinde Bir Yıldız Gözlemcisi''
  25. The Business Standard News

    BS News, keeping it real.
  26. we hunted the mammoth

    the new misogyny, tracked and mocked
  27. Cody Fields

    Jesus, baseball, news, etc.
  28. Family Guy Addicts

    All Things Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff For the Family Guy Addict in All of Us!
  29. Rafael Nadal Fans

    Your #1 spot for everything Rafael Nadal
  30. amosyee

    I don't need a description. You'll know it once you read this blog.
  31. YellowLaw Translations

    Wu Xia Novels
  32. Raising the Dead

    Wordpress header image seems to be broken right now. Don't be alarmed. :P
  33. JYJ3

    The Return of JYJ!
  34. Ellarry Prentice

  35. Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

    We are Malaysians, so we must be who we say we are.--Din Merican
  36. Totally Insane Translations

    You can call me queen bee! and baby I'll rule
  37. Iglesia Ni Cristo - Silent No More by Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista

    This is the new official blog of Antonio Ebangelista
  38. Tamara Tattles

    Come for the tea. Stay for the shade.
  39. Q2Q Comics

    A Webcomic About Theatre Tech. Updated Mon Wed Fri. It's Tech Week Somewhere
  40. jingjonews

    This site is the bee's knees
  41. Kicking Cancer with the Smiths

  42. X the band

    john doe - exene cervenka - billy zoom - dj bonebrake
  43. Captain Awkward

    Advice. Staircase Wit. Faux Pas. Movies.

    Indian Television Ultimate News Sharing Site
  45. Get The Picture

    Bloviation for the Dawgnation
  46. SAY - Korean Fanfiction

    story about life, love, family and friendship
  47. All the Teen Moms

    The latest Teen Mom news...
  48. A Taste of an Endless Summer

    Coming atcha live with a forecast of always sunshine
  49. Unchained Translation

  50. SolitaryTranslation V2

    Translating the Most Random Things Ever
  51. The Daily Freier

    Only suckers don't read this
  52. Supporters Not Customers

  53. Élő Székelyföld

    Az otthonunk.
  54. mountainandmud

    just trying to make a difference.
  55. Diane Ravitch's blog

    A site to discuss better education for all
  56. The Supreme Adventure

    An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. G.K. Chesterton
  57. Saloni Health and Beauty Supply

  58. Void Translations

    Not giving ETAs for Chapters since 2015 aka Voids in Chats are Liars
  59. Notes from North Britain

    On Law, Politics and the British Constitution
  60. Ziru's Musings

  61. The Tyranny of Tradition

    Lamentations and Jeremiads 24 Years After The End Of History
  62. Kansas Exposed

    Challenging the official story...
  63. Reigokai: Isekai Translations

    Tsuki ga Michibiku Translations
  64. downlototapp

  65. EnTruce Translations

    Welcome to To Entruce Translations
  66. The Male Factor

    Everything that bothers a man. Explore humanity here.
  67. Talk of the Town

    Dundalk - as it happens!
  68. Litter Press

    Letterpress for mind litters
  69. Troy LaRaviere‘s blog

    A place to discuss a better school system for all Chicagoans
  70. Watching the Wheels

    Feminist Fatherhood
  71. A Thousand Flowers

    A red sock in the white wash of cyberspace
  72. indayvarona

    scaRRedcat's News & Commentary: Sometimes irreverent, always thoughtful
  73. Just Mets

    News, insight, opinion and analysis on the New York Mets
  74. Defence Lover

    News About Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force
  75. The Heart Truths

    To Keep Singaporeans Thinking by Roy Ngerng Yi Ling 鄞义林
  76. the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

    OEW: an Objective approach to the Elliott Wave Theory

  78. Anontawong's Musings

  79. Levi Quackenboss

    Putting the boss in quack.
  80. Lazy9

    The Home of Terrible Yuri
  81. The Obama Diary

    President Barack Obama ... photos, videos & a word or two
  82. Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth

    The stars of tomorrow, today
  83. The Undercut

    Những điều bạn cần biết về thời trang nam giới
  84. Succeed in Football

    The daily blog written by ITL's Neil Stratton
  85. robertscribbler

    Scribbling for environmental, social and economic justice
  86. AfrikMouth

    Worldnews, Entertainmanet...
  87. Singapore Politics: Blog

    Singapore politics and history. By Jess C Scott.
  88. FOX 12 Weather Blog

    Portland, Oregon and southwest Washington weather from the FOX 12 Weather team.
  89. CNS top stories

  90. Why Evolution Is True

  91. borisbandev

  92. By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

    The greatest Mormon blog in the universe.
  93. Outlander Online

    Your #1 Source For All Things Outlander
  94. Reddy creations

  95. Blog Wire

  96. Kate Gale: A Mind Never Dormant

    The life of a writer/editor
  97. American Everyman

    "The Future is not inherited, it is Achieved" JFK
  98. The Awkward Shaka

    Really Important Jiu Jitsu News
  99. Climate Etc.

  100. 江主任教育部落格

    哈佛全方位教育機構, HS2 Academy, 頂尖大學申請, 所有內容為版權所有

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