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  1. Limbaugh slams Sotomayor: ‘Reverse racist’

    Limbaugh is going after Sonia Sotomayor.

    (CNN) — While Republicans on Capitol Hill appear to be adopting a [...]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Mike Tyson’s Daughter Passes Away After Accident

    Debbie VanStory/Abaca

    Update: Exodus passed away at 11:45 a.m. Tuesday at St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center [...]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  3. NSIDC pulls the plug on Arctic Sea Ice Graphs

    During the the last week, NSIDC graphs of arctic sea ice extent have been dropping so steeply that many have called [...]

    Watts Up With That?

  4. Anticipazioni Uomini e donne: La scelta di Federico.Ecco chi ha scelto e la puntata in dettaglio.

    La scelta di Federico: ecco come è finito il trono Nuovo appuntamento con le anticipazioni di Uomini e Donne. Oggi [...]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  5. One of Obama’s finest hours

    David Gergen | Bio
    AC360° Contributor
    CNN Senior Political Analyst
    To watch the first African-American President [...]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  6. Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal Part 2 (Full Version)

    Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal Part 2 (Full Version)

  7. Rumor roundup: All about the new iPhone

    With two weeks to go before Apple’s (AAPL) World Wide Developers Conference — the venue at which Steve Jobs [...]

    Apple 2.0

  8. 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Idol Winner Kris Allen

    After shocking almost everyone — including himself — by winning the season 8 of American Idol last week, [...]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  9. KEN BLACKWELL: Obama Declares War on America’s Gun Owners With Supreme Court Pick

    By Ken Blackwell
    Senior Fellow, American Civil Rights Union/Family Research Council
    President Obama’s nomination of [...]

    FOX Forum

  10. Drunken Lake Havasu Party Girls: Memorial Day Edition

    The best thing about Memorial Day is that it means summer is finally here! And with summer comes the good things in [...]

    COED Magazine

  11. Pikachuuuuu!

    If you recall the rift that was the Jerboa Issue of 2007, Rule of Cuteness #15 was amended to include OVERSIZED ears as [...]

    Cute Overload

  12. VIDEO: Kendra Wilkinson Dishes on Her Wedding Gown and Bridesmaids’ Dresses!

    [brightcoveplayer 24383258001]
    Former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson has been keeping the details of her [...]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  13. Who wants to watch Hayden Kho Maricar Reyes Scandal Video?

    Who wants to watch Hayden Kho Maricar Reyes Scandal Video? Raise the roof, anybody? Well, the three alleged Scandal [...]

    My Space Of Thoughts

  14. Arsenal Agree Deals For Defenders Angha & Edge

    The Academy League season may have only drawn to a close a little under 24 hours ago but Arsenal have already moved to [...]

    [» Young Guns «]

  15. Playmate 2009: Εφη Κυριακου!ΟΛΕ!!!

    Επειτα απο ενα ανελεητο ζαπιγκ μεταξυ του μπασκετικου (ο Θεος να [...]

    Τα Πάντα Λέμε!

  16. 1000 Portraits

    two photographers · one camera · one weekend · a thousand people
    Our project is a true portrait of Britain [...]

    Flickr Blog

  17. Final de la UEFA Champions League: Barcelona vs Manchester United [FIN DEL PARTIDO + VIDEO]

    Resultado Final: Barcelona 2 – Manchester United 0
    El Barcelona se coronó campeón de la UEFA Champions League [...]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  18. Five Facts About Mages

    The most powerful weapon you have in WoW is knowledge. Knowledge of classes, of game mechanics, of enemy mobs, and how [...]

    Critical QQ

  19. Who would Republicans be better off listening to?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    The Republicans making the most noise seem to be attracting the fewest followers. [...]

    Cafferty File

  20. real housewives of new jersey, cop without a badge danielle, danielle staub, cop without a badge real housewives of new [...]

    we learn that Danielle, and possibly her mug shot, is featured in the now out-of-print “Cop Without a [...]

    blood test results | blood test result | blood tests result

  21. Das Erdbeben-Match: Beni ist im Finale!

    Das Erdbeben-Match, welches in der heutigen Liveshow startete, sichert den Sieger Nominierungsschutz bis ins Finale. [...]

    BigBrother 9

  22. Maconha SerÁ Legalizada Experimentalmente Em Pequeno MunicÍpio Brasileiro

    A Souza Cruz anunciou que vai liderar a manufatura e comércio de maconha em forma experimental na fronteira do Brasil [...]

    Fazenda Virtual

  23. Fotos da Nova CB 300 R 2009 – substituta da Twister

    Um dia após a apresentação da nova XRE 300 pelo Jornal da Tarde, o Jornal Estadão divulgou fotos e informações [...]

    Motokando Dois Tempos 2tMTK

  24. Zac Efron replaced in ‘Footloose’

    The producers of “Footloose” have found a replacement for what used to be Zac Efron’s role in the [...]

    The Marquee Blog

  25. Video of the Day: Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular Promotes New Single ‘tipsy in Dis Club’

    Pretty Ricky group member Spectacular is a sight to behold in this clip.
    The pink underpants.. the male stripper [...]


  26. The Crisis Is Over, And We Wasted It

    Rahm Emanuel reportedly has a doctrine: Never let a serious crisis go to waste.  His point is a good one – vested [...]

    The Baseline Scenario

  27. Ubuntu gets Android apps

    Canonical, the main sponsor Ubuntu Linux, is developing an Android execution environment to allow android apps on [...]

    Hack a Day

  28. Foto-Foto Polos Sherina , Gosipnya Diperkosa Derby Romero

    Penyanyi Sherina Munaf diperkosa secara bergilir sejumlah pria seusai pulang clubbing, pada Kamis malam kemarin. Salah [...]

    Ada Apa Yep

  29. World Drop Recipe Blues

    I’ve been having a problem since 3.1 that maybe some of you have also experienced.  I was excited by the idea of [...]

    Kaliope’s WoW Crafting Blog

  30. naruto 449 Raw Spoiler

    Source: Naruto 449 Spoiler Pics and Summaries
    Chapter 449: LEGACY
    with his hands making a seal what dread jutsu does [...]

    Naruto | Bleach | One-piece's Blog

  31. حمل فلم دكان شحاته كامل


    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    فيلم /دكان شحاته
    فيلم ,دكان [...]

    مدونة الحزين

  32. naruto 449 naruto 449 PIC

    Below are new pics for naruto 449

    CLICK Images to Enlarge would you be friends with him? For naruto 449 spoiler [...]

    Naruto Spoilers | Manga

  33. One Piece 544 Manga Spoiler

    One Piece chapter 544 spoiler pics
    Source: Himajin @ 2ch via
    Verification: confirmed One Piece [...]

    One Piece HQ [ワンピース]

  34. Jon and Kate Plus 8: Divorce

    Everyone knows the rumor about Jon and Kate, right? If you didn’t Jon and Kate Gosselin have been saying they [...]

    Pretty and Pink

  35. Teddy says no to Lady GaGa

    Former 1Tym member turned producer, Teddy, has passed the offer of working out a track for Lady GaGa.


  36. Naruto 449 Spoiler ++ imagenes confirmadas

    Hoy miércoles me animo a decir que tenemos el mejor spoiler de hace mucho tiempo y la venidera manga será unas de las [...]


  37. Spring house hunting: What $350,000 will get you

    Click each image for more information
    Click below to see what’s available in some of Canada’s largest [...]

  38. Hírek a McCabe-hálozatból: pletykák, pletykák és megint csak pletykák

    Mint az várható volt, miután a United elbukta a playoff-döntőt a Burnley ellen, rengeteg pletyka, feltételezés [...]

    Üllői út 129

  39. 10 Golden Rules of Social Media

    I know, I know — it’s a bit presumptuous of me to think I can write the “10 Golden Rules of Social [...]


  40. Uomini & Donne: Ecco chi ha scelto Elga Enardu

    Sono giorni di fine-trono e di fine stagione, quelli che in questi giorni si respirano a Cinecittà dove si stanno [...]

    News Tv

  41. The Ten Ways Twitter Will Permanently Change American Business

    Micro-blogging platform Twitter has 32 million users, which is an increase from about 2 million a year ago, according [...]

    24/7 Wall Street

  42. Niners TE Davis could be a sleeper in 2009

    The term “sleeper” has been used to describe 49ers tight end Vernon Davis more than once during his NFL [...] Blogs

  43. Asi dizisi 68. bölüm özeti


    Yıllar sonra Demir ve Asi yeniden birlikte olurlar. Asi aşkına kavuşmanın mutluluğunu yaşarken [...]


  44. Libera Ejército a secuestrado y captura a cuatro plagiarios del Teo

    ‘Me secuestraron por error’, afirma joven liberado * Kristian Camarena
    En conferencia de prensa en el [...]

    Narco Tijuana

  45. Sprint Palm Pre Activation

    Since there are quite a few in the wild already, and we’re just over a week away from launch, I figured [...]

    Inside Sprint Now

  46. Brooke Shields Gives Back: Her Mission to Empower Girls And More

    Andrew Eccles

    By Amy Spencer
    From Health magazine
    It doesn’t get more grounded than Brooke Shields. Five minutes [...]

    Healthy Living

  47. [Final] Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United – Final de la Champions League

    Barcelona es campeón de la UEFA Champions League, al vencer 2-0 al Manchester United.

    Compra [...]


  48. Rais shames Najib just as he prepares to visit China

    Please-lah. What is wrong with RAIS YATIM? Was this fler a former Foreign Minister? No wonder we had such a bad [...]

    *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  49. Cei Care V`au Eliberat Cardul (o discutie de ieri de la pranz)

    Buna ziua, am card la banca dumneavoastra si as dori sa`mi fac un descoperit de 2-3000 de euro. „Aveti card la [...]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  50. Ilusões em paredes

    À primeira vista, a imagem logo abaixo parece ser resultado de de algum desastre em que a parede foi derrubada, não [...]

    %%% Blog CNN %%% – Curiosidades Na Net

  51. İbrahim Tatlıses’in Son Albümü, İbrahim Tatlıses Son Albüm Dinle

    İbrahim Tatlıses’in şarkılarını dinlemek için tıklayın: İbrahim Tatlıses Şarkıları
    Arabesk, [...]

    Son Albüm Dinle Blogu – Bir Rehber

  52. Trueman: Being Presbyterian in the Church of Scotland

    Editor’s Note: Even though it will further sully his reputation, the HB is happy to publish this response by Carl [...]


  53. Team Fortress 2: AFK and Spectator’s Getting Weapons

    One of the biggest questions we keep getting is exactly how you can achieve the new TF2 weapons. Is there a specific [...]

    Online Gaming with LiTi-4

  54. Horarios para la final Pumas vs Pachuca. Clausura 2009

    Ya estan definidos los horarios para la gran final del torneo clausura 2009
    Jueves 28 de mayo
    Pumas vs Pachuca a las [...]

    Futbol Mexicano y Mas

  55. Siapa pembunuh Ibrahim Libya dan Syuhada Memali?

    Hari ini ramai yang bising membicarakan mengenai pembunuhan yang “kononnya” dilakukan oleh Chin Peng ketika [...]

    Blog Amin Iskandar @ Black

  56. Uomini e Donne: Federico sceglie Pamela che risponde SI

    Non poteva che firmarlo lui il colpo di teatro mentre calava il sipario sull’edizione 2008-2009 di “Uomini [...]

    Ross’s Blog

  57. It’s not about the phone.

    It’s a poor craftsman that blames his tools, they say. Jorge Colombo drew this week’s New Yorker cover on [...]

    The Edge of the American West

  58. Detenido peruano ilegal que conducía vehículo sin tener brevete en Shiga

    La Policía Prefectural de Shiga reportó la detención de un peruano que a pesar que residía ilegalmente en [...]

  59. Robert Pattinson is looking for fun

    Good news girls – Robert Pattinson is officially single.
    I waltzed over for a little flirt as soon as I saw [...]


  60. Download Video Porno Shireen Sungkar (Mirip aja ……..)

    Ada yang hot lagi neech, katanya si anu dan si dia nie ada video hot mirip shireen sungkar. Maklum aja di antara 200-an [...]


  61. Poker faces…

    From the first Volt unveiling over two years ago, I’ve wanted to drive one. At some point last year, Tony [...]


  62. فلم هيفاء وهبي ( دكان شحاته )

    فيلم هيفاء وهبي “دكان شحاتة” يحذر من فوضى في مصر خليط من القهر [...]

    حلو الليالي

  63. Bounce, bounce på video

    Simona Halep, en ung og fremadstormende tennisspiller fra Romania, klager over at puppene hennes gjør henne mindre [...]


  64. Naruto 449 | Naruto 449 Raw

    Naruto 449 Chapter

    Naruto One Piece Bleach | Manga Raw Spoiler

  65. Lista oficial de aprovados na 1ª fase do exame 138 da OAB-SP

    A OAB-SP (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil – Secção São Paulo) publicou, no fim da tarde de hoje (26.05.09), a [...]

    Dicas Interessantes

  66. Gay marriage cap-and-trade

    The California Supreme Court has upheld Proposition 8 but allowed the existing gay marriages to stand. The question [...]

    The Weblog

  67. Seven Questions About the Zune HD

    Back on April 10th, our own Ed Oswald reported that he’d confirmed that the rumored Zune HD was real and would [...]


  68. Takut Kalah, PKS Minta Ani Yudhoyono dan Herawati Pakai Jilbab

    Sejak pengumuman cawapres Boediono mendampingin Capres SBY, PKS dan PAN telah menunjukkan ke publik bahwa  [...]


  69. The Goofer Aminah Abdullah: “I’m not sure it was bribery”

    I’m not sure it was bribery, Aminah now says
    May 26, 2009
    Penanti’s [...]

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  70. HomeBoy Heroes Walkthrough and Cheat

    About HomeBoy Heroes
    The mafia war has begun… You have to protect your territory against the enemy gang that [...]

    Ayumilove Diary

  71. [Pic] 090520 DBSK with dogs (jaejoong focus)

    Lots of stalking pic at AABDBSK3 scene but i still wanna share and share
    credit: as tagged+HEYJJ
    shared by: [...]

    fashion follows yoochun

  72. مجاهدت ؟

    بدون شرح !


  73. Prediksi Final Liga Champions 2009: Manchester United vs Barcelona

    Kurang dari 16 jam lagi perhelatan puncak Liga Champions musim 2008-2009 akan digelar, mempertemukan juara Premier [...]

    Cahaya Sura

  74. One Piece 544 – Confirmed Spoilers (Discussions and Predictions)


    Anime Manga

  75. Esami Di Stato 2009 . Ecco Le Commissioni in Tutta Italia

    27.05.2009-Il Ministero dell’istruzione, dell’università e della ricerca ha reso note,
    sul proprio sito, le [...]

  76. It’s not easy being MeMe

    What is there to say about MeMe Roth that isn’t obvious to the point of boredom? A new Guardian profile [...]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  77. REAPER To Live On (?)

    ABC Studios is continuing their effort for REAPER to live on.  Either in syndication or on a cable net.  There is [...]

    The Nick C Blog

  78. Sonia Sotomayor: Environmental extremist?

    Obama Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor represents a potential threat to U.S. consumers and to the economy in terms [...]

    Green Hell Blog

  79. Loads of Mushy Stuff….Sorry

    For those of you who don’t care about babies and all things related to the little buggers [...]

    John Heald’s Blog

  80. Mom wants cyber bullies punished

    The mother of a girl targeted in an online video by other girls says she wants more to be done in the case.

    What [...]


  81. Video Porno Shireen Sungkar

    Lagi – lagi gosip artis hari ini bawa kabar soal video porno artis. Belom reda berita soal Video Porno Wulan [...]

    Lerry060183’s Weblog

  82. Los otros gibraltares de España

    Los enclaves y exclaves no sólo se dan en las fronteras internacionales, sino que dentro de un mismo país las [...]


  83. Novo jogo de Kojima é mesmo mais um Metal Gear [ATUALIZADA]

    Treinem suas capacidades como ator e façam caras de surpreendidos.
    Apenas 1 ano depois do lançamento de MGS4, a [...]


  84. Alaskans Honor Dead As Palin Pulls Diva Card

    In January, I spoke with a member of the Alaska Joint Armed Services Committee.  He was really excited about the [...]


  85. Download ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.38 Update 16 Mei 2009

    ANSAV versi 2.0.38 hadir dengan kemampuan mendeteksi 1300 virus. Update kali ini per tanggal 16 Mei 2009.

    akhdian : dian ardiyansah’s blog

  86. Recovering From a Bad Trade

    Everybody makes mistakes…whether it is buying an item at too high a price or crafting an item when the materials [...]


  87. Vídeo – Manuela Moura Guedes e Marinho Pinto


    vídeo da entrevista completa AQUI


    Acho que nunca tinha visto nada assim em televisão.
    Fica aqui um [...]

    Troca o Passo

  88. Mario Kart 64 Meets Halo 3

    Halo fanatics still enjoying a strenuous session of good old fashioned Forging found their tired bodies rejuvenated [...]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  89. Piratdebatter idag onsdag

    Det är hektiskt nu, men det ska det vara, och det är kul! Jag ska vara med i två olika debatter senare idag [...]

    Christian Engström (pp)

  90. Online Barcelona Vs Manchester United En Directo Por Internet

     On Line Final de la Chanpions League BArcelona de españa y el Manchester United de Inglaterra desde Roma Italia por [...]


  91. One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 24 VOSTFR

    L’épisode 24 de la saison 6 de One Tree Hill en VOSTFR :
    ” Remember Me as a Time of Day “

    (Cliquez [...]

    F**K 4ever

  92. Theo, Youths and The Usual Transfer Suspects

    Congratulations to the Youth’s on their victory at Anfield, fitting that Steve Bould should once more win [...]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  93. Zune HD and Xbox Live – The Missing Link?

    The Missing Link?
    By AXIS of Reality
    © 2009 Alex Baldwin
    Well, it’s finally announced and the rumoured Xbox [...]

    OXCGN – XBox News Reviews and Views

  94. Top 10 Most Hated Music Genres. Ever.

    You could be in your car. Or walking past someone else’s car. Or just in your room minding your own business. It [...]

    Monitor Down

  95. NEW 2009/10 3rd Kit?? & 20 years on – another trophy at Anfield

    I came across this image today of what could possibly be next season’s 3rd/European Kit. I just assumed the [...]

    The Cannon

  96. Until Death Do Us Part – c.61

    mediafire — megaupload — rapidshare — sendspace — mangahelpers
    This popped up right as we were doing Vagabond [...]

    Nihil Sine Nefas

  97. Overcoming Obstacles

    Levrone Report

  98. Pygmy Jerboa

    Weekly World News would like you to meet the world’s smallest rodent, the pygmy jerboa. [...]

    Weekly World News

  99. Barcelona vs Manchester United [En Vivo - Live] – 27 de mayo de 2009

    EN VIVO Y EN DIRECTO entre Barcelona vs. Manchester United Final Champions League 2009, a jugarse el día de hoy [...]

    La Maquiniux

  100. That sounds like one heck of a beatdown

    Hand Shredded Ass Meat
    Engrish photo by William L

    Engrish Funny: Engrish Pictures That Is Your Funny Engrish

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