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August 23, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Using Linux for Photography, where we stand

    I promise I will not turn that into a habit, but after quite a few months and more than 100 entries in this blog, I [...]

    Linux Photography

  2. Has New Birth Certificate Story [Update x2]

    Well, well. I was wondering when this “story” was going to “break” now that Obama has returned [...]


  3. Basquet en Vivo: ARGENTINA vs USA – Semifinal masculina de Beijing 2008

    Viernes 22 de agosto – Basquetbol Masculino en Vivo: Argentina vs Estados Unidos – Semifinales de los Juegos Olimpicos [...]

    Pagina Web de Futbol Gratis en Directo por Internet. Streams, Links.

  4. August 21, 2008: All Good Things…

    By now, I assume you’ve all heard the news. This will be Stargate Atlantis’s fifth and final season. I’m [...]

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  5. What does it take to get a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence?

    My name is Robin Goldstein, and I’m the author of a new book called

    Osteria L’Intrepido di Milano

  6. Michael Guglielmucci – An Appropriate Response

    My friend John Finkelde gives an appropriate response to this situation below:

    Russell Evans, Planetshakers Church [...]

    This is Not a Test

  7. More Stats Charts

    A while back we added charts showing how many views each post got since it was written. Some folks noticed that we [...] Blog

  8. Australian Space Weather Agency Revises Solar Cycle 24 Start, Adding 6 Months

    Solar Cycle 24 just can’t seem to get rolling. IPS announced today (IPS is the Australian Space Weather Agency) [...]

    Watts Up With That?

  9. Usain Bolt 100 meters world record (video embed – hi quality)

    UPDATE: Usain Bolt wins Gold in 200m in Beijing (VIDEO EMBED).

    more about “Usain Bolt World Record

    Dark Skies Blog

  10. PSP-3000 Includes more Than a Microphone and Improved Screen [Update]

    Written by stalkingsilence PlayStation LifeStyle decided to take a look at what the hidden differences may be in the [...]

    PlayStation LifeStyle

  11. Toh: It’s either Gerakan or Anwar (with video)

    Ex-Gerakan leader Dr. Toh Kin Woon shares why he could no longer be in Gerakan after declaring his support for former [...]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  12. Mike Guglielmucci’s testimony a fraud?

    UPDATE:  The AOG (Australian Christian Churches Assemblies of God) with whom Mike was a pastor have released an [...]

    To Be A Fool…

  13. بی شرمی سعید عسگر(او در دادگاه می خندد) – بزرگ‌منشی سعید [...]


    حكومت نظامی

  14. Only I could fail at failing

    Idag har jag suttit och kollat på Seinfeld, en masse. Jag älskar verkligen den serien, den är rolig och finurlig, [...]


  15. Sixth Pay Commission Report With Salary Calculator

    Justice Srikrishna has submitted the much-awaited sixth Pay Commission report to Finance Minister P Chidambaram. [...]

    Tarun Reflex


    2008-2009 öğretim döneminde Öğrenci Seçme ve Yerleştirme Sınavına girerek bir yükseköğretim programına [...]


  17. Yang Yun to be investigated?

    International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) President Bruno Grandi told USA Today that he may initiate an investigation [...]

    The Gymblog

  18. Lorelle at WordCamp 2008 – 260 Ways to Break WordPress

    I’ve uploaded my program from WordCamp 2008 in San Francisco to SlideShare and showcased it below.

    Lorelle on WordPress

  19. Calendario de Baloncesto de los Juegos Olímpicos Pekín 2008

    El Domingo dia 10 comienza la competición en el baloncesto masculino y la final será el Domingo día 24 de Agosto. [...]

    Sí… ¡de cojón!

  20. Fatigue Thwarts Arsenal Youngsters Ramsey & Wilshere

    Their talents may belie their incredibly young years, but Arsenal duo Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere have fallen foul [...]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  21. Saturday Night Rant — Straight Drunk

    The Saturday Night Rant is back again and this time it takes another dive in to my personal experiences with men, [...]

    Em Wyllie

  22. iPod Touch / iPhone / iPhone 3G 2.0.2 Firmware released

    iPod Touch and iPhone / iPhone 3G Firmware 2.0.2 is out.
    I am in the slow process of downloading and when I have it [...]

    Suedehead’s Emporium

  23. Bukan marah Jalur Gemilang, Pak Lah! Marah mu dan geng penyamun BN!

    Moderator’s note : Apologies for having omitted that low life, Bung Moktar Radin from this hall of shame where [...]

    The People’s Parliament

  24. The Club Penguin Games 2008!

    Hey Penguins the club penguin games are on today!
    and there are three challenges

    Marathon Tutorial
    OK all you have to [...]

    Club Penguin|Cheats|Secrets|Glitches|News|Site

  25. Amazon’s Elastic Block Store explained

    Now that Amazon’s Elastic Block Store is live I thought it’d be helpful to explain all the ins and outs as [...]

    RightScale Blog

  26. Why you should consider Tapestry 5

    Tapestry 5.0.14 has been out recently and the Tapestry community is very excited with this news because Tapestry 5 is [...]

    Joshua Java

  27. CNN’s Larry King Live: American Idols on Tour interview on location in Duluth, GA

    Thursday, Aug 21st (two-parter):


  28. Che Che Che Changes!

    Hi CoolChasers! As some of you may have noticed, we are no longer asking for MySpace passwords and just  giving out [...]

    A Blog for Next Small Things


    well..sometimes weird stuff happens in the world of ‘Christendom’ and sometimes you just don’t have [...]

  30. How did Michael Guglielmucci get away with it?

    I read today that Michael Guglielmucci has been lying about his cancer. You can read all about it at [...]

    The Way, The Truth and the Lies

  31. از دفترچه خاطرات یک ورزشکار ایرانی در پکن

    چهارشنبه – با صدای حاجی که به در اتاق می‌کوبید بیدار شدم. هرچی بهش [...]

    نگاهی دیگر

  32. This month’s Hobby Japan magazine

    Kotobukiya – Linebarrels Of Iron series plastic kit
    Line Barrel 1/144 – October, 3,990 yen

    SRW Hotnews

  33. Saddleback Forum Video & Transcript: Obama / McCain with Rick Warren

    For those of you who missed the Leadership and Compassion Forum, hosted by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church on [...]

    Kingdom People

  34. A Deeply Skeptical Look at C++0x

    Edited on 8/21 for clarification.
    Today I saw a link to an article entitled C++ Gets an Overhaul on Hacker News [...]

    Important Shock

  35. Son In Law on Fire

    Wow… Yesterday if you happened to be in one of BN ceramah where we got a super-talker in the First Son In Law [...]

    A New Dawn for Penang

  36. FYI: Yes, it really happened

    From the strange but true department of college football, I came across this yesterday.
    It seems that Coke chose SEC [...]

    Parrish Alford on Ole Miss Sports

  37. Arsene Teases, Ins And Outs With A Bit More Besides

    It is hard to work out which is funnier; Arsene’s teasing of the media or their unedifying rush to print the [...]

    A Cultured Left Foot


    ¿QUÉ TE PARECE ESTA NOTICIA? Desde FETEJU intentamos ser una herramienta para tí. Deja tu comentario. GRACIAS POR [...]

    Asociación Socio-Cultural para jóvenes sevillanos (FETEJU) 200.000 AMIGOS.

  39. Leitora tem 20 anos e é virgem! E daí? Eu sou de áries!

    Urso, primeiro gostaria de parabenizar o seu blog, confesso que no inicio achava algo sem noção, mas sab

    Pergunte ao Urso – Tudo aquilo que você não sabia para quem perguntar

  40. Another MSN Privacy / Spam Threat

    Thanks to the signalation of Roberta I’ve identified another MSN spreading Spam/Privacy threat.
    The structure [...]

    Evilcodecave’s Weblog

  41. Sixth Pay commission – towards realizing

    From paper to practice
    Today the sixth pay commission report as approved by the cabinet has been handed over to [...]

    But the obvious

  42. Carmelo Anthony’s favorite filmmaker sent to prison

    The plot of “The Wire” converged with Carmelo Anthony’s social life yet again today, as the [...]


  43. Olimpiadas Beijing 2008 en vivo por Internet

    Terra transmitirá en vivo las Olimpiadas por Internet, no más palabras, y a ver los juegos vía Internet gracias a [...]

    dy3g0’s trench

  44. Diane vs. Tweety: Diane wins!

    Diane Mantavoulos, co-founder of Just Say No Deal and number one instigator, went

    The Confluence

  45. Michael Phelps: la dieta de un campeón

    El nadador estadounidense Michael Phelps hizo ayer historia al romper el record de medallas de oro olímpicas [...]

    Mare Magnum

  46. Unboxing Australia’s first Microsoft Surface table

    Yesterday, we (Amnesia) took delivery of Australia’s first two Microsoft Surface tables. We believe they were the [...]

    Amnesia Blog

  47. Warhammer Preview Weekend

    Well, Warhammer preview weekend starts this Friday, and my wife and I both got in. Least now we can see for ourselves [...]

    Skull X Moon

  48. Wind Surfer Gets A Fay Body-Slam

    We can file this under the, “What Was He Thinking!” file.  In south Florida, Tropical Storm Fay blew [...]

    Not For Nothin’

  49. Sixth Central Pay Commission , salary and arrear calculator

    Mohit kiNgsTeCh

  50. Thinking About the Confederation of Reformed Evangelicals?

    Over the years I’ve received a few posts from people with experience in the CRE. Some have just left or some have [...]


  51. 2008 Öss taban ve taban puanları yerleştirme

    Merkezi Yerleştirme ile Öğrenci Alan Meslek Yüksekokulları ile Açıköğretim Önlisans Programlar [...]

    2008 Öss Sınav Sonuçları, Öss Tercihleri, 2008 Öss ek yerleştirme, Öğrenci Seçme Sınavı

  52. Obama citizenship, Federal Court challenging Barack Obama’s qualifications to be President, US District Court, [...]

    We were given a heads up earlier that a complaint was being filed in US District Court, Eastern District of PA. The [...]

    Citizen Wells

  53. Update: Caylee Anthony disappearance *Casey Anthony released on bond; let’s hope she DOES actually help find her [...]

    But don’t count on it. And what is this? The family spokesman said this:
    “The most important thing is that [...]

    Bonnie’s Blog of Crime


    BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

  55. National Champion wrestler bares all on gay porn website

    The Scarlet Project has obtained photos from an anonymous source of University of Nebraska 125-pound national champion [...]

    The Scarlet Project

  56. Listen to Metallica’s New Single “The Day That Never Comes”!

    Metallica have just released the first single off their upcoming album, Death Magnetic. The epic track is entitled [...]

  57. Liar Liar Pants of Fire-Casey Anthony

    “Not a bit of useful information has been provided by Ms. Anthony as to the whereabouts of her daughter, and I [...]

    Paper Glue Etc.

  58. Branca de Neve e os 7 bronzes.

    Ó Patria Amada
    Bronzeada, Salve, Salve
    A seleção canarinho nunca decepciona. Foi o sétimo bronze brasileiro.
    E o [...]

    Bronze Brasil 2008

  59. Turn that douchehound upside down

    We’ve got a fairly desperate concern troll in the mod queue today; he’s left comments on three [...]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  60. FedEx Tracking number trojan

    MX Lab has intercepted a few messages with the subject “[NO-REPLY] FedEx Tracking Number 26901603″ with an [...]

    mxlab – all about anti virus and anti spam

  61. New Honda Tiger Revo,… berapa cc kaaaghh… ???

    Well… setelah Honda CZ-i memperkuat line of product Honda di segment bebek,… berikutnya adalah segment [...]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  62. “3+1″ Pokok goyang Khabar Angin dari Permatang Pauh”

    I received a call from a senior party member from Parti Rakyat Sarawak to look at an article in Malaysiakini report [...]

    Audie61’s Weblog

  63. Today’s Hot Olympian

    Unlike Laure Manaudou, whom I’m still unsure if she’s hot or not, when it comes to Paraguayan javelin [...]

    The Slanch Report

  64. Hotline recap: Captains take the place of Joe

    The first installment of Nittany Lion Hotline came and went with nothing earth shattering. Joe Paterno wasn’t on, the [...]

    Read Between The Lions

  65. Última hora: accidente aéreo en Barajas (RTA)

    800 400 200

    Es la libertad de expresión, idiotas

  66. Q & A: Explaining the “Mustahil” or “Rationally Impossible”

    Question: I am a novice in regards to hard `aqida and `ilm al-kalam. Could you explain to me the issue of Imkan [...]

    Sunni Answers

  67. Permatang Pauh: Of Bogus Degrees and Lying Politicians!

    Arif drops out of PhD study
    Kuek Ser Kuang Keng & Wong Teck Chi | Aug 22, 08 10:51am
    Barisan Nasional Permatang Pauh [...]

    The Dandelions

  68. A Message From Jeremy Nicholas

    Jeremy Nicholas has asked if I would post this message on here, which I am delighted to do. There had been rumours that [...]

    West Ham Till I Die

  69. Beijing 2008. Voleibol femenino

    Lugar de competición: Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium (5.000) y Capital Indoor Stadium (18.000).

    Espíritu Olímpico


    De Nederlandse hockeyvrouwen zijn vrijdag Olympisch kampioen geworden! In de finale werd het gastland China met 2- 0 [...]

    Olympische Spelen 2008

  71. One piece manga chapter 511

    One piece manga chapter 511 out!  CLICK HERE read One piece manga chapter 511 online or download in english.
    One piece [...]

    naruto manga and bleach manga

  72. Open political thread

    Just a word on the blog – a reminder.
    Long-time readers will recall that this blog (and previous incarnations of it) [...]

    Charlotte was Both

  73. Flamengo x Grêmio – Transmissão ao vivo aqui!


    Blogão do Grêmio F.B.P.A. – Nada pode ser Maior! – Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense Oficial, Geral do Grêmio, GRÊMIO COPERO, Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense – Wikipédia, Grêmio 1983, Coleção Grêmio Gianfranco, Site voltado ao torcedor Gremista. História do Clube gremio, Livros gremio, Revistas gremio, Raridades gremio, Títulos gremio, Vídeos gremio, Youtube gremio, grêmio, gremista, gremio, Grêmio FBPA – Time do Milênio, Grêmio TV, Alma Castelhana, Alma Castelhana grêmio, gremio libertadores, gremio campeão do mundo, musicas do gremio, hino do gremio, bandeira do gremio, site do gremio, gremio orkut, camisa do gremio, loja do gremio, bandeira do gremio, fotos do gremio, Grêmio – Campeonato Brasileiro, geral do greio, duker gremio

  74. Guo Jing Jing Olympic Chinese Beautiful Diver

    This article originally from chinesegirl

    Guo Jingjing is a beautiful female diver from the People’s Republic [...]

    Chinese Girl | Hot | Sexy | Model | No Nude

  75. Avid vs. FCP – Market Dominance?

    You see a lot of these arguments on the web. “My NLE can beat up your NLE.” Invariably any discussion of Avid or [...]


  76. Crea tu propio servidor de video vigilancia en Ubuntu

    Esta mañana mientras buscaba información sobre la interfaz Video4Linux (v4l) me topé con un programa llamado Motion. [...]

    Think Ubuntu

  77. Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 – iPhone 2.0.1 jailbreak/unlock, iPhone 3G jailbreak

    The iPhone Dev Team has released version 2.0.2 of the Pwnage Tool, which adds support for the latest iPhone firmware [...]

    Decoding the Web

  78. Will the Spurs Win in 2009?

    When we look at past data – specifically past patterns in data — we often hope to glean insights into the [...]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  79. The Mike Guglielmucci Hill$ong scandal

    * ( Video restored 0045 AWST 23-8-08 )
    The Australian reports…
    “He preached to thousands about his [...]

    Group Sects

  80. The Two-Line Pass 2008-09 NHL season preview: The Los Angeles Kings

    We’re now something like 48 days out from the start of the NHL season so I figure this is as good a time as any to [...]

    The Two-Line Pass

  81. Beijing Olympic 2008 Encourages Unity Through Soundtrack

    While countries around the world focus on their sportsmen and sportswomen at the Beijing Olympics, an extensive [...]

    Beijing 2008 Olympic Game

  82. Analysis: The winners and losers from the Lambeth Conference: CEN 8.22.08 p 7.

    The 14th Lambeth Conference was a triumph for the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, in light of the [...]


  83. Pennsylvania Democrat Lawyer Operative Phillip Berg Files Lawsuit Seeks Injunction against Candidacy of Barack H. Obama [...]

    Democrat operative Phillip Berg has filed suit in the Federal District Court for eastern Pennsylvania requesting an [...]

  84. What a Difference a Day Makes

    Two days ago, an ad like this had me quaking in my boots. Today? It rings totally false. THIS is why the Obama campaign [...]

    Strategy ’08

  85. Apa nak jadi, Arif Shah Omar Shah?

    Arif drops out of PhD study

    Kuek Ser Kuang Keng & Wong Teck Chi | August 22, 2008

    Barisan Nasional Permatang [...]

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  86. 2008 Beijing Olympics – India Gets First Gold Medal

    2008 B

    Sathya Sai Baba – Life, Love & Spirituality

  87. Pilot dies in air show crash

    RHINEBECK – Vincent Nasta, known as Vinny to his friends and co-workers, died doing what he loved [...]

    Rhinebeck Community Forum

  88. Back in for Barry? Song in squad.

    So, the Barry story refuses to go away, and reading between the lines it seems that the Alonso deal won’t happen [...]

    Le Grove

  89. Krepšinis per internetą, Ispanija – Lietuva

    Pulsas kyla, rytoj Lietuvos rinktinės laukia pusfinalis su Ispanais.  Krepšinio pusfinaliai gyvai internetu bus tra [...]

    Sailing Boy

  90. D.Gray-Man manga chapter 170

    D.Gray-Man manga chapter 170 out! CLICK HERE  read D.Gray-Man manga chapter 170 online or download in english.

    Share naruto and bleach manga

  91. CSN-ekonomin

    Malin “Fotbollsfrun” Wollin kan provocera. Folk älskar att hata henne. Det är lite lustigt faktiskt att [...]

  92. Accidente en Higuey. mueren mas de 20. choque de autobuses

    Amable llamo al gobierno de la mañana y dijo que nunca había visto una accidente de esa naturaleza, mas de 20 [...]

    Ministerios Israel Valenzuela

  93. Friday, August 22: Travel Day

    The team is preparing to set out for Carolina today. No trains this time — it’s back to the plane for [...]

    The Official Blog of The Washington Redskins

  94. Healer writer lied? no cancer?

    Yes you read that right. Pastor Michael Guglielmucci who wrote the song “healer” announced he never had [...]

    CECWorship (Worship Resources)

  95. Volkswagen revela primeira imagem do Voyage

    A Volkswagen do Brasil divulgou nesta quinta-feira (21) a primeira imagem da versão sedan do Gol, de nome incerto, mas [...]

    Pit Stop

  96. Calendario Serie A TIM 2008-2009 – campionato di calcio italiano

    Calendario Campionato Serie A TIM 2008-2009
    Campionato di Calcio Italiano

    1° Giornata

    Calciopoli – articoli ufficiali su Calciopoli e calcio scommesse

  97. WAR Preview Weekend

    A new line item showed up on my Warhammer Online account yesterday:

    (Actually, it looked different yesterday.  They [...]

    The Ancient Gaming Noob

  98. It’s All Over….Finally

    Andy Ireland – KCCI, Des Moines
    At Shawn Johnson’s press conference the day after her last competition, she was [...]

  99. ARCHIVES: Biographical article about missing University of Iowa professor Arthur H. Miller

    From January 2, 2000 Iowa City Gazette (Section B, Page 2):

    Chemistry of politics lured Miller to field

    Shawn [...]

    Looking in at Iowa

  100. Loss and Subsequent Pregnancy

    Since losing Felicity, I’ve had people ask me fairly often about pregnancy. We wrestled with this issue almost [...]

    The Pipers

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