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June 20, 2007: Top Posts

  1. The Great Apple Stock Debate

    Pop quiz: Rank these four companies, listed alphabetically, in order of their stock performance over the past five [...]


  2. More about Nepomuk-KDE: Soprano and KDE integration

    Recently Sebastian Trüg held a presentation about Nepokumk-KDE and kindly provided me the slides. In this [...]


  3. Bakary again + media nonsense

    Rather than writing the blog daily I seem to be writing the blog every two days at the moment. During the season I was [...]

    Arsenal News Blog

  4. Esami di stato 2007: le due prove scritte

    Basta con tutte queste voci, queste prime prove fasulle e questi nomi che circolano.Le tracce verrano pubblicate qui!
    Navigando nel Web


    photo: Google maps!
    capped and submitted by: Lucky’s neighbor



    Rieccoci al valzer della maturità: come il ballo delle debuttanti, ormai è solo un simbolo, il segno di un [...]


  7. Franchises That Are the Web Worker’s Best Friend

    [image]When you want to get out of the house and work in a new environment, many head for the local Starbucks. [...]

    Web Worker Daily

  8. So Long Sammy Perlozzo

    After spending nearly a month on the hot seat, Sam Perlozzo’s burning posterior may finally get some [...]


  9. Senza Con [Kolivas]

    Titolo volutamente criptico e inesorabilmente stupido, ma tant’è… :/ Come segnalato nella MessageBox [...]

    pollycoke :)

  10. Guess who lost 6kg?

    Can you recognize this one sharp looking guy? He recently lost 6kg since his last drama to prepare for his [...]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  11. Trött på idioter

    Läser i DN och SvD om ett par som cyklade Vättern runt med sin kraftigt nedkylda treåriga dotter. Det är bara [...]

  12. Maturità 2007 – Tracce della prima prova!

    Il clown colpisce ancora!
    Le tracce della prima prova!
    Go Lombardi! GO!

    Topolino non ha paura!

  13. Google lanzará más aplicaciones para el pingüino

    [image]Noticia original (desde googlesystem):
    “Google already has two applications that work in Linux: Picasa and [...]

    120% Linux

  14. The web is your friend Or How we set up a non-profit by the seat of our pants

    NOTE: Looking for developers to volunteer time on a Ning project for us, anyone out there good with php and have some [...]

    Friends & RPCVs of Guyana

  15. Customer Service Hell!! T-Mobile…Hot Spot? NOT!!!

     [image]  “Stick Together” – The Irony is coming – read on!!
    I can’t believe it!!!  Over the past [...]

    Community Group Therapy

  16. Fotos IMPRESIONANTES de un Accidente

      Accidente a 160 Km/h
    Acabo de recibir una historia que me ha impactado muchísimo (por las imágenes) y quería [...]

    El blog de Herzeleyd

  17. “Smith Sisters Murdered Anonymously”

    girl meets a boy on her yahoo messenger:crazy1 86: hey baby!!!
    h0tNsPiCy91: who is this???
    crazy1 86: ur secret [...]

    The Wonderful World of Yuna Halo

  18. Hot Blogger Bracket – Round 4 – All Regions

    Vote Here
    Voting Ends Wednesday Night at 11 PM PST. 


  19. The Making of “Sgt. Lucas”

    Star Wars artist Randy Martinez created a mashup homage to Star Wars and one of the most iconic bands in music [...]

    The Official Star Wars Blog

  20. Why Sue Decker isn’t CEO of Yahoo…

    So, just before interviewing Sun Microsystems’ DTrace team today (that’s a photo of them) I got a [...]


  21. NBA Mock Draft – June 15, 2007

    Draft Day is 13 days away and there has been a plethora of movement, momentum, and shuffling since our last Mock [...]

  22. Svenska bloggvärlden

    Så har då också den svenska bloggvärlden analyserats – för det intresse som det kan ha.
    Och det visar sig att [...]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  23. Is TIOBE Fatally Flawed?

    update: As Bogdy mentions in the comments, my reasoning here was based on false assumptions. It still seems clear that [...]

    Sententia cdsmithus

  24. Random Things–The Things My Readers Bring Me

    1.  Kleinheider upsets my breakfast by emailing me this link to Cynthia’s post about this crazy ad that is [...]

    Tiny Cat Pants

  25. If Ruby is so great

    Why do I always see Ruby programmers using hash parameters as a substitute for keyword/optional arguments? Why [...]

    Metacircular thoughts

  26. Drama today… A comparative look at 70s TV & the NBA.

    Definitely inspired by both Pyle of List’s excellent Kill Buss creation, and the very funny ‘The Spurs [...]

    With Malice…

  27. Let The Musical Chairs Begin

    It didn’t take long did it; the Spanish season is over and within twenty four hours, Señor Sources, the infamous [...]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  28. 126 – Hannover On Her Mind – and On Her Back

    “I wanted something unique, something nobody else had. But every idea I had – it had already been done,” [...]

    strange maps

  29. Blingee now on Bebo!

    We’ve just added an easy way for you to put Blingees on your Bebo profile. You can now upload your pictures directly [...]

    Blingee Team Hangout

  30. The Interrogation.

    [image]Tiger Woods became a father yesterday to Sam Alexis Woods, the first child in his marriage to Elin Nordegren (of [...]

    Signal to Noise

  31. Inform 7: Natural-Language Programming Lives

    When most programmers think of natural-language programming, they usually think of Applescript – an ambitious yet [...]

    Important Shock

  32. airports, runways and air traffic control

    i used to think that all airports were pretty much the same: main grey terminal, long runway, immense car park, [...]


  33. ZDNet Really, Really, Really Hates Apple & the iPhone

    I understand that journalists want to be cynical and to claim “objectivity.” But when 11 bloggers [...]


  34. 4 Yüz – Kız Kıza


    Video Klipler

  35. The Manny

    Jennifer Creel, Karen, Duffy, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, Tinsley Mortimer, Carole Radziwill, and Johannes Huebl [...]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  36. Yes, Razvan, there is a real world!

    Salut Gramo-kid, bun venit in lumea din afara burticii! Banuiai probabil ca exista, dar nu erai sigur. Acum poti sa o [...]

    Gramo’s World

  37. Guest Blogger BStu: “Differently Straight”

    [I asked BStu to write something about being a Fat Admirer for me, and he came back with this bit of fabulousness. The [...]

    Shapely Prose

  38. Interview: David Edery (Part 1)

    [image]Recently, I had the opportunity to contact David Edery (Worldwide Games Portfolio Planner for Xbox Live [...]

    Lunar’s Duality

  39. Dominicana apuñalea el novio al corazon, despues aborta por el stress

    [image]LA SPEZIA,una dominicana embarazada de algunas semanas ,apuñaleo al corazon a su novio el cual encontro’ [...]

    Dj Ariel…Flow Latino…

  40. Plankenkoorts

    Het is bijna zover. Nog even en ik zit voor de camera en dus ook voor heel Vlaanderen. Begin toch stilaan wat [...]

    Emma’s blog

  41. Bad Couple: Episode 6

    Wait, did I say Gi Chan was unbelievably sweet in Episode 5? And that women ought to beware? Yeah, well the Gi [...]


  42. Card Sorting Your Way to an Improved User Experience

    The Internet really brings some great benefits in further making information that normally wouldn’t be easy to find [...]

    Innovative Thought

  43. Scripting News for 6/18/2007

    Today’s links [image] Yahoo’s Semel steps down, Yang takes over.
    Jerry Yang blogs about the [...]

    Scripting News Annex

  44. A Taste of Nick Saban

    Here are some videos about Coach Saban while at LSU. It is amazing how much sucking up ESPN College Gameday truly did [...]

    The Tide Druid

  45. Huge Tekken 6 News Update!

    This week is going to be filled with tons of Tekken 6 news! This is just the first of it! More characters [...]

    SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource!

  46. Ron Paul excluded in Iowa!

    I encourage everyone to contact these people (Info at bottom):


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