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  1. Cute Puppy Love

    All the Cute Stuff You Love to See Everyday!

    Pagina fea, pero informativa
  3. john pavlovitz

    Stuff That Needs To Be Said
  4. Taylored

    a style and fashion resource focused on spreading positive ideas of beauty for the fashionistas in all of us
  5. KoreanIndo

    Korean Waves in Indonesia

    Divulgação e orientação à pesquisa de ciências e campos afins
  7. Juggen reflekterar över intryck

    Du är vad du gör
  8. Watts Up With That?

    The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change

    Sean Breslin's take on Atlanta and the sports world

    Το φιλότιμο μας, θηλιά στον λαιμό τους, όχι στον δικό μας. …
  11. My Nintendo News

    Wii U and Nintendo 3DS news
  12. Family Guy Addicts

    All Things Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff For the Family Guy Addict in All of Us!
  13. FapEveryday!

  14. notampico

    This site is the cat’s pajamas
  15. Colectivo Pericú

    Californio - Noticias
  16. » Aгαbic AllКρoρ Nєωş «

    ๛ مدونة تشمل جميـع أخبار فنانين ๛ AllКρoρ
  17. The African Eye

    Watching The World
  18. JYJ3

    The Return of JYJ!
  19. Si Momot

    Gudang Info Unik, Aneka Suara Dunia dan Aneka Desain Rumah
  20. En la ciudad de las damas

    Sitio para publicar mis columnas y pinturas. Bienvenid@!
  21. TPMS MusicLifeStyle

    ♛ USA / DOMS / JAM ♛
  22. Noticaribe

    Noticias desde Quintana Roo
  23. 主場博客

    The House News Bloggers

  25. quartierslibres


    Indian Television Ultimate News Sharing Site
  27. Andrea Harmonika

    Unterhaltung auf mittlerem Niveau
  28. Super Junior | ELF Forever ♥

    SJ the last man standing!
  29. this is a blog.

    it is written by carol chirinos.
  30. Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    Tarif Üstü Muhabbetler
  31. Spoughts

    Thoughts About Sports
  32. The Daily Dose

    Your Prescription For Hip-Hop & News
  33. Tamara Tattles

    No Tea, No Shade News on Entertainment and Current Events News
  34. we hunted the mammoth

    the new misogyny, tracked and mocked
  35. Die Propagandaschau

    Ein niemals vollständiges Logbuch deutscher Medienpropaganda
  36. Ben's Beer Blog

    A place for all things beer.
  37. BA SÀM

    Cơ quan ngôn luận của THÔNG TẤN XÃ VỈA HÈ
  38. Positive Outlooks Blog

    A sanctuary to promote positive thinking, offer inspiration and spiritual growth.
  39. tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^|Berita Otomotif|Test Ride|Review|Kuliner|Riding|Dagelan
  40. TellyReviews

    The weekly reviews of your favorite Telly shows
  41. Always Badminton

    Portal Berita Dan Informasi Bulutangkis Terlengkap
  42. Allain Jules

    L'information déjantée, au Kärcher, et la liberté d'expression dans sa quintessence: "Mieux vaut mourir …
  43. Keali Lay

    Just a Georgia girl, living in a grad school world.
  44. HailStateBEAT

    The official blog of Mississippi State University Athletics
  45. Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man

    Where our opinions, Burner culture, and Burning Man come together
  46. Ders Çalısma Kitabı Cevaplarım

    Ders Çalısma Kitabı Cevaplarım

    Urban Entertainment
  48. Taking Route

    Taking Root While in Route
  49. Periodismo Alternativo


    On News
  51. Candida's Musings

    If you have a quirky sense of humor, you and I will get along just fine.
  52. FamilyGuyTips

    Everything you will ever need to know about Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

  54. Kafila

    media | politics | dissent
  55. Test la produse

    Pe acest blog vă dau datelii despre diferite produse, pe care deja le-am testat
  56. Blog do Tarso

    Ácido, mas sem perder a ternura jamais! Um pouco de Direito, política e Administração Pública
  57. Berita dan Ulasan Menarik

    Baca Dulu, Baru Mikir, Lalu Sebarkan dan Rasakan Manfaatnya
  58. Dallas Decoder

    Between the Lines and Behind the Scenes of TNT's Dallas
  59. Ivan Trevino

    Composer. Percussionist.
  60. Apparatus

    Digital Magazine for Fashion, Arts, Design and Culture
  61. The Next Right Step

    Abraham's Journey
  62. The Official USO Blog

    Lifting the Spirits of America's Troops & Their Families
  63. Kienthanh

    Video clip Game show, Âm nhạc, Công nghệ, Sự kiện, Tin tức đặc sắc
  64. Get The Picture

    Bloviation for the Dawgnation
  65. Protech-Parabola.Net™

    Sinetron | Kumpulan Foto | Sinopsis
  66. Cose Da Mamme

    il blog di Silvia Lonardo (Aka Mamma Dotty)
  67. sharia unveiled

    illuminating minds
  68. Newsday 24/7

    Latest News From Around The World
  69. The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

    All Things The Simpsons Tapped Out for the Tapped Out Addict in All of Us
  70. James Michael Sama

    The gentleman is the new bad boy.
  71. СРБски ФБРепортер

    Разбијмо режимски медијски мрак - будимо сви ФБ репортери
  72. The Extinction Protocol

    Geologic and Earthchange News events
  73. まとめサイトビルダー評価受付中

  74. Why Evolution Is True

  75. Blog do Paulinho

    - Jornalismo com Credibilidade -
  76. Small House Bliss

    Small house designs with big impact

    Tập hợp những bài viết về Kinh Tế VN
  78. Ryan Van Horne

    Journalist, writer, and playwright
  79. Endomondo

    Free Your Endorphins
  80. Captain Awkward

    Advice. Staircase Wit. Faux Pas. Movies.
  81., video game guides

  82. Truth Sector

    Analyzed and Exposed: The Truth Movement and the Forces that we Fight
  83. parentingthecore

    A Parent's Thoughts on Education in the Era of Reform
  84. KobaYogas.COM

    Share Drive|Ride|Pride
  85. Terraherz

    Der Videoblog
  86. Bangla hot golpo

    bangla choti list
  87. ❤ Exo Arab Fans

    مدونه عربية لاخبار فرقة EXO ❤
  88. Daddy Goes Viral


    pescando noticias de aquí y de allá...
  90. Parece del Mundo Today

    pero es verdad
  91. Nyamilepedia

  92. Highbury House

  93. UK News 24

    EUROPE 24
  94. TuDesorden.Net :. Alborotando La Red!

  95. Jameson's Journey

    Watch Me As I Grow! Our sons journey with a rare craniofacial disorder.
  96. Bluestockings Magazine

    A multimedia intersectional feminist publishing collective based in Providence, RI
  97. Λαϊκή Συνέλευση Εξαρχείων

    ενάντια στις μαφίες και τον κοινωνικό κανιβαλισμό
  98. KOSA NOSTRA zostra aneb NAŠE VĚC zostra ! Prostě Kosa zostra!

    blog obyčejných lidí pro obyčejné lidi o politice, ekonomii, fotbálku a všem ostatním, čím žije současná …
  99. Q2Q Comics

    A Webcomic About Theatre Tech. Updated Mon Wed Fri. It's Tech Week Somewhere
  100. Wee Ginger Dug

    Biting the hand of Project Fear

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