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  1. Cute Puppy Love

    All the Cute Stuff You Love to See Everyday!

    Pagina fea, pero informativa
  3. joselito muller

    Jornalismo destemido!
  4. thezoepost

  5. LeakSource

    Your Source for Leaks Around the World!
  6. KoreanIndo

    Korean Waves in Indonesia

    "Strength Through Honor"

    Το φιλότιμο μας, θηλιά στον λαιμό τους, όχι στον δικό μας. …
  9. Colectivo Pericú

    Californio - Noticias
  10. Watts Up With That?

    The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change
  11. The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

    All Things The Simpsons Tapped Out for the Tapped Out Addict in All of Us
  12. My Nintendo News

    Wii U and Nintendo 3DS news
  13. john pavlovitz

    Stuff That Needs To Be Said
  14. eginexi

    This site is the cat’s pajamas
  15. The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

    THE blog and forum for all things Tapped Out!
  16. JYJ3

    The Return of JYJ!
  17. » Aгαbic AllКρoρ Nєωş «

    ๛ مدونة تشمل جميـع أخبار فنانين ๛ AllКρoρ
  18. Friends of Ebonie

    Changing The Face of Philanthropy
  19. Lisa Jakub

    A blog about acting. And then not acting.
  20. Allain Jules

    L'information déjantée, au Kärcher, et la liberté d'expression dans sa quintessence: "Mieux vaut mourir …

    Indian Television Ultimate News Sharing Site
  22. Le monde selon Lucille

    Demain ne meurt jamais.
  23. GOLD news and blogs

    Interesting news past and present
  24. Positive Outlooks Blog

    A place for inspirational quotes to promote positive thinking, motivation and spiritual growth.
  25. Si Momot

    Gudang Info Unik, Aneka Suara Dunia dan Aneka Desain Rumah
  26. Family Guy Addicts

    All Things Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff For the Family Guy Addict in All of Us!
  27. Tamara Tattles

    No Tea, No Shade News on Entertainment and Current Events News
  28. don of all trades

    Master of none...

    Urban Entertainment
  30. Ceticismo Político

    Ceticismo e dinâmica social na investigação da religião política
  31. Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    Tarif Üstü Muhabbetler
  32. BA SÀM

    Cơ quan ngôn luận của THÔNG TẤN XÃ VỈA HÈ
  33. Our Bad Media

    @blippoblappo & @crushingbort on journalism
  34. El Demonio Blanco de la tetera verde

    Traducciones de-generadas desde la cueva
  35. VolcanoCafé

    Volcano discussions in your living room
  36. Josh Mitise

    Individuality. Creativity. Expression.
  37. Zota

    Experienced Player (Zie) with over 5000 games giving some mild tips, reviews, ideas, analysis and predictions for Dota 2.
  38. A Spiritual Evolution

    an alcoholic's blog and addiction memoir
  39. Travis Hurley

  40. Periodismo Alternativo

  41. TVRuckus

    TV News, Latest Recaps/Reviews, Hot TV Topics and Interviews

  43. Die Propagandaschau

    Ein niemals vollständiges Logbuch deutscher Medienpropaganda
  44. israeliminx

    Politics, Minxiness, and Life in Israel
  45. πολύφημος 2.0

    στους τυφλούς βασιλεύουν οι μονόφθαλμοι
  46., video game guides

  47. The Skinny Mirror

  48. Rolea

    Rolea por nuestro sitio con confianza
  49. Stained Glass Attitudes

    Fondly uttered platitudes on art and architecture | James Alexander Cameron
  50. Super Junior | ELF Forever ♥

    SJ the last man standing!
  51. Blog do Tarso

    Ácido, mas sem perder a ternura jamais! Um pouco de Direito, política e Administração Pública
  52. Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man

    Where our opinions, Burner culture, and Burning Man come together
  53. tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^|Berita Otomotif|Test Ride|Review|Kuliner|Riding|Dagelan

    Tập hợp những bài viết về Kinh Tế VN
  55. Kronisme Mahathir

  56. Afroculinaria

    Exploring Culinary Traditions of Africa, African America and the African Diaspora
  57. Jasminrevolution

    Nobody expects the Spanish Revolution
  58. Apparatus

    Digital Magazine for Fashion, Arts, Design and Culture
  59. The Scoop Sports

    What's happening in the world of sports.
  60. forumdlazycia Tradycji Katolickiej

    Matka Boża z La Salette : "Wzywam apostołów czasów ostatnich"

    with Janee Woods
  62. Why Evolution Is True

  63. vivre sans argent

    On peut vivre autrement !
  64. Jumper Brasil

    Notícias, Artigos, Vídeos, Rumores, NBA
  65. Petterssons gör skillnad

    Oberoende svenskvänliga nyheter, satir och allvar om politik, journalistik, invandring, mångkultur, islam, brottslighet, …
  66. Always Badminton

    Portal Berita Dan Informasi Bulutangkis Terlengkap
  67. Nyamilepedia

  68. G. D. News

    Gonçalves Dias e Maranhão, notícias e atualidades
  69. Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP

    a personal view of the theory of computation
  70. Get The Picture

    Bloviation for the Dawgnation
  71. Desinfos du foot

    Heureusement qu'on vous le dit
  72. Lowongan Kerja Medan Terbaru 2014

    Lowongan Kerja Medan Terbaru 2014
  73. Pensive Aspie

    Amusing musings from an Aspergian on planet Earth.
  74. Talking Baws

    Simple. Shareable. Sport.
  75. Diane Ravitch's blog

    A site to discuss better education for all
  76. Certa Stampa

    Notizie dal teramano
  77. Being Shadoan

    Let the world tremble in my wake

    Res ipsa loquitur ("The thing itself speaks")
  79. WiccaReencarnada

    Un mundo espiritual a tu alcance
  80. СРБски ФБРепортер

    Разбијмо режимски медијски мрак - будимо сви ФБ репортери

  82. downtown

  83. El blog de Santiago González

  84. newbangladeshichoti

    Bangla New Choti Golpo
  85. Erdélyi Magyarságért Egyesület

  86. 2012: What's the 'real' truth?

    To find out, I hold a finger in the breeze.
  87. خبرگزاری صدای مسیحیان ایران The Voice of iranian christians

  88. Naruto 689 Page 1 - Naruto Chapter 689 - MangaBeats

    Naruto 689 chapter spoilers! NARUTO 689 Predictions&Discussions! Naruto 689 has been released now!!! Enjoy the new …
  89. we hunted the mammoth

    the new misogyny, tracked and mocked
  90. The Green Blog

    Motorcycle, Car, Sport, Politics, Bicycle, Photography, Travel & Culinary (Available in various languages​​. Please …
  91. ❤ Exo Arab Fans

    مدونه عربية لاخبار فرقة EXO ❤
  92. SyrianFight

    Documenting war crimes in Syria
  93. The Obama Diary

    President Barack Obama ... photos, videos & a word or two
  94. Blog do Paulinho

    - Jornalismo com Credibilidade -
  95. Dissonant Winston Smith

  96. Captain Awkward

    Advice. Staircase Wit. Faux Pas. Movies.
  97. Kienthanh

    Video clip Game show, Âm nhạc, Công nghệ, Sự kiện, Tin tức đặc sắc
  98. Greek National Pride

    έγκυρη, αμερόληπτη ενημέρωση
  99. El Caso Málaga

    Los sucesos de Málaga y provincia.
  100. IndoMiliter

    Mengupas Informasi Persenjataan Militer Indonesia

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